As a business owner, you certainly understand that to get customers, you can’t just wait for customers to come. Moreover, you are not the only business owner who offers these products. Your competitors also present products that are similar to your business products. Therefore, you need to catch the opportunities in various ways, for example, by participating in a business exhibition.


In a business exhibition, you will open a stand or also known as a booth. There, you can organize the items you sell and provide promotions to attract customers. Well, if you are planning to take part in a business exhibition, make sure you prepare the following 8 things!

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1. Define your goals first


Just like when promoting a product, you must first determine what your goal is to take part in a business exhibition. Do you want to promote a new product, get a chance to form a partnership, or even sell products that are the last stock (clearance sale)? When you understand what your goal is, then you can look for the type of event that fits that goal.


2. Understand who your target audience is


In addition to determining the purpose of participating in an event, you also need to determine who your target audience is. You can adjust the audience criteria according to customer criteria. For example, if you sell beauty products, then your target customers are adult women.

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3. Determine the available budget


Participation in an event is one of the promotion and sales strategies that you can do. So, you also need to allocate how much money you can spend to take part in the event. Make sure these costs do not hinder other expenses.


4. Prepare from scratch


Perhaps, the event you want to participate in will only take place in the next few months. Even though it’s still a long time, it doesn’t mean you can’t make preparations. In fact, the earlier you list the things you need, the more things you can do. For example, you can register as a Cashlez Merchant so that you can receive various non-cash payments when you open a booth later.


5. Make sure you are always flexible


When you are preparing for an event, sometimes you face changes, starting from the time, location, to the theme of the event. Therefore, you must still ensure that you can always be flexible. Remember, your priority is not to organize the event the way you want it to, but to organize an effective event to attract the attention of potential customers.


6. Negotiate with the organizers


When you take part in a business exhibition, the event organizer must have prepared the terms of the event and the details of the costs. However, that does not mean it is permanent. You can still negotiate so that you can get the best price offer from the organizers.


7. Promote your booth


Another important thing that you should not miss when you are preparing for a business exhibition is promotion. The more people who know about your participation in an event, the more likely your booth will be crowded with visitors. You can do this promotion through various platforms, such as social media, email marketing, to website banners.


8. Make sure you have a backup plan


Even though you and the event organizers have prepared well for the event, unexpected things can happen. For example, the stock of the item you want to bring is not enough because the supplier is late in shipping. To anticipate this, you can open a pre-order system for business exhibition visitors so they can place an order in advance.


Business exhibitions are included as an opportunity for business owners to expand, both in terms of expanding partnerships and increasing the number of sales. Therefore, you also need to prepare well before participating in the event.
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