Approaching Eid al-Adha, the livestock business is certainly one of the most popular types of business. This is because the demand for sacrificial animals will always increase. However, running a sacrificial animal business is not easy!


Manage livestock business effectively


As we know, when you decide to run a sacrificial animal business, it means you must have the interest and skills to take care of animals. If you can’t take care of the sacrificial animals properly, then the quality of the sacrificial animals you sell will also decrease. As a result, the demand can be reduced. Well, to avoid this, make sure you pay attention to 8 important things in the livestock business!

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1. Choose the right type of sacrificial animal


The first thing that needs to be considered by the sacrificial animal business owner is choosing the right type of sacrificial animal. Make sure you have adjusted the type of cow or goat you want to keep based on several considerations. For example, you adjust the type of sacrificial animal based on market trends around you. To find out these trends, try looking at references from other livestock business owners.


2. Prioritize livestock health


An essential aspect that livestock business owners should not miss is the health of the animals they raise. For this reason, good nutrition is needed so that livestock remain healthy and avoid disease. You see, when these animals get sick, the smooth running of the livestock business will be hampered. You can also consult a veterinarian regarding the health condition of the sacrificial animal.

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3. Optimize business marketing strategy


In addition to maintaining the quality of the sacrificial animals, you also need to optimize your marketing strategy to reach your target customers. There are several ways that you can do, such as placing advertisements on online platforms, promoting your business to the people closest to you, and joining certain communities to expand your coverage area. Meanwhile, don’t forget to maintain the reputation of your business, for example through giving reviews from customers.


4. Pay attention to the available facilities


The health of the animals you raise does not only depend on the nutritional intake you provide. The facilities used to raise livestock are also very influential. When these facilities are kept clean and comfortable, the health of livestock will improve. And of course, the safety at the place of the sacrificial animal will also be guaranteed.


5. Pay attention to the amount of feed consumption


If you want the sacrificial animal to remain healthy, then you must understand how much nutrition the sacrificial animal needs. However, on the other hand, you also need to manage expenses for animal feed purposes. So, make sure to choose a type of supplement that is affordable and suitable for farm animals.


6. Don’t waste hay


Giving hay to sacrificial cows may be an expensive type of feed. Therefore, if the sacrificial animal business that you run also uses straw as feed, make sure not to waste the straw. Use the fodder to place hay so that the remaining hay is not wasted.


7. Prepare a financial plan


If you want to get optimal profits through the sacrificial animal business, then prepare an effective financial plan. This financial plan will help you to manage your business, starting from controlling daily business expenses, ensuring the smooth running of your business, and anticipating unexpected expenses.


8. Provide convenience to customers


In the digital era like now, you can make various breakthroughs to make customers more comfortable when buying sacrificial animals. For example, they can place orders online and transact practically. For that, make sure you use the Cashlez business application to help you record all incoming transactions while providing various non-cash payment options, from Virtual Accounts, QRIS, to credit/debit cards!


Although not easy, running a sacrificial animal business will give you many opportunities to learn. Moreover, the rapid advancement of information technology will allow you to access various learning resources.

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