As we know, branding is an effective strategy for marketing products. This strategy is not only used for businesses on an international scale. Local businesses also need to do branding to introduce products as well as to show customers that the product is what they need. So, what about branding? Do businesses have to spend a lot of budget? Of course not! These 8 tips prove that you can also do branding affordably.

1. Present a unique product
An attractive brand is a brand that can make it easy for people to distinguish it from other products. For example, from the quality, shape, and price. To present a unique product, you can compare your product with products sold by competitors. Then, make a difference that makes the product special.

2. Branding through the community
Building a community is one trick you can try to do branding with minimal costs. This community you can make online and offline. Moreover, at present, the ease of internet access allows us to connect, for example through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

3. Provide the best products and services
Doing a minimal budget branding can be effective if you provide quality products and services. Therefore, do an evaluation to assess what things you need to develop in products and services. In this digital era, for example, customers tend to want a practical payment process. So, you can use Cashlez which provides various non-cash payment options.

4. Prepare an attractive name and logo
Even though your business is still on the MSME scale, you have to use an attractive name and logo. Because one effective branding strategy is to use a brand that is easily recognizable. Moreover, the brand will also be used everywhere, from products to social media. So in addition to the name, you also need to prepare a logo.

5. Use the typical way to communicate with customers
Although it seems simple, how to communicate with customers is also one of the factors that determine the success of branding. This is because the way of communication will create a customer impression of you. Therefore, you also need to take the right approach when communicating, for example by using the term of the present if your target is millennial.

6. Be consistent
A brand is a representation of the product that you sell. Therefore, you need to pay attention to brand consistency. Do not let, you change the brand so confusing customers. You will later have to re-introduce your brand so that customers don’t get it wrong.

7. Show concrete evidence
Even though it looks cliché, an effective and affordable branding certainly has to rely on evidence, namely in the form of customer testimonials. Until now, word of mouth promotion is still an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, you need to show that the product you are selling is really trustworthy and meets the needs of the customer.

8. Convey your vision and mission
A business vision and mission is not only made for the benefit of business managers as well, but also for the interests of customers who want to find their needs. Therefore, when doing branding, you also need to convey the vision and mission related to customer interests.

Without an effective branding, it is difficult for business people to be able to attract the attention of customers and increase sales. Fortunately, branding strategies do not always require a lot of budget, because of the ways above, you can introduce your product massively with an affordable budget.


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