What comes to your mind when you hear the word Valentine? Is it a bouquet of roses, chocolates or even dolls? Of course, these three things are synonymous with Valentine’s celebrations. You see, many make bouquets of flowers, chocolates, and dolls as gifts to give to spouses, close friends, and family.


For business owners, the moment of Valentine’s Day can also be a profitable opportunity that can help them increase profits. So, what are the things that need to be done by businesses so that sales during the Valentine’s Day moment run optimally? Find out the answer through the following review!

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1. Make a special offer


In general, Valentine’s Day is often associated with celebrations between couples. However, business owners can actually develop their promotional ideas creatively, not just limited to offers for couples. Moreover, in the digital era, we can access the various information we need, such as customer trends. For example, if you provide baby clothes, then you can provide promotions, for example in the form of a 14% discount.


2. Extend shop opening hours ahead of Valentine’s Day


Not infrequently, many new customers are looking for gifts when Valentine’s Day is near, or even on D-day. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to adjust the shop’s opening hours. So, customers can get the products they need in a timely manner. Meanwhile, make sure to also notify information regarding changes to store operating hours through your business profile on Google and on social media.


3. Give them Valentine’s Day merchandise


As explained earlier, regardless of what type of business you run, you can still take advantage of Valentine’s moments to increase sales and brand awareness. One of the creative ways you can do this is to produce Valentine’s Day themed merchandise. Through this merchandise, potential customers will be interested in shopping.

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4. Promotion for couples


The business strategy that is generally used ahead of Valentine’s Day is promotions for couples. Usually, business actors will offer products in bundles, not as units. So, potential customers can consider buying these products for themselves and for their partners. One example is a couple towels or a pair of t-shirts.


5. Send a Valentine’s Day greeting card via email


Do you communicate with customers using a newsletter? If so, try sending a digital card containing a Happy Valentine’s Day greeting. To make it more interesting, hold a special program in the form of a promotion. Later, you can adjust these promotions to your customers, for example, such as special promotions for loyal customers.


6. Work with influencers around you


Apart from holding promotions, you can also collaborate with influencers around you. Also make sure they have an audience that fits your business niche market. That way, the promotional content they create will generate a positive response and make product enthusiasts increase.


7. Cooperate with other local businesses


To make attractive offers, you can also collaborate with other local businesses. One type of collaboration that you can do is work with a chocolate shop to produce special chocolates for customers. Apart from that, you can also provide bundling promos whose products are in the form of your business products and business partners.


8. Host a Valentine’s Day Event


Valentine’s Day is a moment to share happiness, both for staff and customers. Therefore, you can also consider holding events, both in person and virtually. Hold attractive programs such as direct prizes, coupons, or other activities to make the event even more exciting.


Success in increasing sales profit does not depend on how much time and money you spend. The important thing is, you can maximize the strategy that you prepared and adapt the strategy to customer needs.

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