Family is where life begins, and love never ends. You can share any moment with them, whether it is a happy, joyful, sad, scary, or even exciting one. Spending quality time with your family can help keep you stress-free. Therefore, it will also be beneficial for your work-life balance.


Of course, a good life does not come alone. As a member of a family, each of us also bears our own responsibilities. Ajeng Agustin Juwana, Customer Service at Cashlez, is a first child who helps her parents support her two younger siblings. So, what’s it like to be a big sister? Here is the story of Ajeng!

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A first-born sibling is a natural leader


Many of us wonder whether becoming a first-born is a blessing or a curse. It was also not an easy question for Ajeng, but in her opinion, there was one point every first kid experienced, namely, becoming a natural leader. Since she was a kid, she became a sister who influenced her younger sister and brother in every aspect, such as their study choices and their study routines.


While giving directions to the little brother and sister seems easy, sometimes Ajeng can also face challenges. One of them is when Ajeng and her siblings were being compared to one another. Even though it is not something they can control, they have to show empathy to one another in order to avoid conflicts, which can lead to sibling rivalry.

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Strive to be a good role model


Being natural leaders means our kids should also be good role models. Many of them are expected to show good habits so that their younger siblings can follow them. Furthermore, younger siblings learn behaviors from their older siblings quickly.So, using slang or shouting is a big no.


As a role model, Ajeng encourages openness among her siblings. There must be times when she wants to discuss deep topics, but her little brother and sister insist. Therefore, she usually starts with small talk. This communication method also applies to Ajeng’s professional life. In order to help merchants, she shows them empathy and works with other departments.


Miles apart but always close to the heart


Ajeng works in Jakarta, while her family stays in Padang. Even though she can’t monitor her younger siblings directly, she is still able to communicate regularly and hear about them. Whose big sister is not proud when her younger siblings perform well at school and prioritize their education?


While she stays in Jakarta, Ajeng has her own way to overcome her homesickness, namely strolling around the city. There are various public places that excite her, from libraries to mosques. She also enjoys riding her bicycle to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery!


Having supportive relationships with them does not only improve your personal well-being but also helps you cope with stress. Meanwhile, a higher level of well-being can improve your work-life balance. As you broaden your mindset, you can improve your daily performance.

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