Do you often try various contemporary snacks? If so, surely you are familiar with croffles. Yup, this type of food can be a promising business opportunity. Come on, find out more about this one business opportunity!


Where did the croffle business trend come from?

So, initially this croffle was popular in South Korea before the emergence of the pandemic. Over time, this snack is also popular in other countries, including Indonesia. Meanwhile, as the name implies, croffles are a combination of croissants and waffles that can be made in two types, namely those that taste sweet and those that taste salty.


Reporting from, the popularity of this croffle was apparently influenced by the many artists and idols who like it, for example, like two members of the NCT BoyBand, namely Kang Ming Kyung and Jaemin.


Croffle business trends in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the popularity of croffles began to emerge since the end of 2020. At that time, the croffle business opportunity was widely eyed as an alternative business in the midst of a pandemic.


Moreover, based on a survey from Molendes reported from, the recommendation to stay at home or #dirumahaja and the trend of work from home makes many people unknowingly tend to consume snacks.


During the pandemic, 60 percent of Indonesian respondents in the survey stated that compared to before, they ate more snacks during the pandemic.


What do you need to run a croffle business?

Now, after you understand the trend of the croffle business and feel interested in running it, you must also know what to prepare to sell various croffles.


Basically, the preparation to open a croffle business is not complicated. Most importantly, you need to prepare a croffle maker as the main tool for making products. Apart from that, you also need to try various croffle recipes. At this stage there may be trial and error, but you have to keep going through it to get a satisfying croffle taste.


So that your knowledge and skills increase, try to actively participate in business training and making croffles. Moreover, these two things will help you to expand the connections you have. The more business partners you know, the greater your chances of making your business grow!


In addition, you also have to adjust to the tendency of customers who until now often order online. Provide delivery systems and multi-payment solutions from Cashlez that make customers more comfortable.


Through the CashlezLink feature, you can directly send a payment link and customers can immediately choose to pay using QR, VA, debit/credit, and so on!


So, how much capital must be prepared?

Of course, this one question we should not miss when discussing business opportunities is estimating how much budget you need. For the croffle business itself, you need a cost range of between 1 to 6 million which will later be allocated to buy a croffle maker, display case, box packaging, and materials for making croffles, ranging from instant puff pastry, wheat flour, granulated sugar, and butter.


Following trends has become a must for those of us who have a passion for business. You see, this trend can give us many opportunities to expand. If you are yourself, are you planning to open this business or present croffles as your newest product?

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