Becoming a parent is never an easy task. You will continuously learn and build a great relationship with your kids as well as your spouse. But when we’re talking about having a baby while working full time, most of us might still believe that women face greater challenges compared to men.

This is because they don’t only bear the babies, but also play other essential roles such as breastfeeding. However, fathers who have full time jobs can also feel overwhelmed! Our Business Development in the East Java Area, Boy Christian Lahea, shares his experience of being a “Pamud” (Papah Muda or Young Dad).

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Everything is temporary, like a boy who becomes a man


Before moving to Malang and joining Cashlez in 2019, Boy worked in Jakarta for 2 years. At that time, he was still in a relationship with his spouse. Both of them love traveling and hanging out on weekends. But interestingly, he and his wife were able to commit to spending money based on the budget they had determined.


After he gets married and has a baby, Boy is not a “boy” anymore. This Cashlezian has turned into a breadwinner in his family. So, besides being aware of the expenses, he and his wife also become more visionary. He explained that knowing what your priorities are is crucial to help you practice self control. What you have now is not only for your present, but also for anticipating the future.


Life can be tough, but there are people who love you so much


When Boy heard for the first time that his wife got pregnant, they actually hesitated and wondered if they could raise their baby effectively and be good parents. It was not easy to spend the sleepless night and face conflicts with the partner. But, they gradually adapted to the situation and found the solution by creating shifts. When one felt exhausted, the other would stayed awake to watch their baby.


For Boy, even though you struggle when entering the parenting world, please do not let your fear stop you from enjoying your lives. It is true that every day might not always be a good day, but the presence of your family as the support system reminds you that you have such precious blessings. So, what you need to do is just give your best because the hard work will be paid off.

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Kids learn from the parents (and vice versa)


By becoming parents, you will learn that there are plenty of things you haven’t known yet so that you shouldn’t jump into conclusions. Boy had ever felt pessimistic of himself as there were several unexpected things happened. Surprisingly, he also got satisfying performance which made him able to solve his problems.

The things you’ve experienced can also be shown to inspire your kids. In Boy’s opinion, the kids must learn about the importance of becoming a good person who spreads kindness to the surroundings. This was also a lesson Boy got from his father.


“Be grateful for who you are and whatever you have. Everything you have is a gift from God.”

-Boy Christian Lahea-


When it comes to having a kid, great preparations plays important roles. You need to communicate clearly with your partner about the A-Z after marriage, such as the place to live and emergency fund. This helps you and your partner anticipate any miscommunication or problems. Have you got any other experience when becoming young parents?


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