Do you know that International Women’s Day is celebrated every 8 March? Yup, the celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) is held to commemorate the achievements made by women in political, cultural, and socioeconomic aspects. In addition, this opportunity is also used as a way to voice the importance of gender equality for a better society than before.


Basically, there are various things you can do to support equality, for example through empowering women. So, what should you do to help women? Take it easy, you can start from your profession as a business owner. Let’s take a look at the following tips!


1. Recommend businesses from other womenpreneurs


One simple way that women entrepreneurs can do to empower women is by recommending the businesses of other womenpreneurs. Through this trick, you can help business people to sell their products while expanding the reach of their promotions. To simplify the recommendation process, you and your business partners can also present a referral program so you can monitor how many people have shopped based on the recommendations they get.


2. Ask what their needs are


In order for you to contribute to the empowerment of women, you must first understand their needs. For example, in the area where you live, housewives need side jobs to help support the family economy. From this problem you can start making strategies to help them, for example, such as presenting part-time job vacancies so that they can work while taking care of their children.

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3. Don’t stop growing


Maybe, now the business you are running already looks “much better” when compared to when you first founded it. However, just because you are in a comfortable position doesn’t mean you can stop growing. Moreover, the more your business can expand, the more likely you are to help more people. In this fast-paced era, you can optimize developments in your business through the Cashlez Payment Gateway, which offers a variety of non-cash payment options!


4. Master the skills you learn


It is undeniable, market trends can always change. However, a business will need business people who are experts and can show the uniqueness of their business. So, make sure to always consistently learn things about business and share the knowledge you have with your audience. And of course, you can teach the skills you have to other women so that they too can grow.

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5. Understand what you need


Do you find it difficult when you plan to empower women? Perhaps, one of the reasons is because you don’t know what your priorities are. You see, in running a business, of course you will understand what things you need, both in terms of business capital and knowledge. Therefore, start to note down what things you need to do. To help you find out your needs as a business owner, you can ask the opinions of people around you, business partners, or other business people you know in the business community.


International Women’s Day is not a celebration for certain groups, but a celebration for all of us to fight together against stigmas about women and prove that every individual has the same opportunity to develop in their respective fields. Come on, be a womenpreneur who is always optimistic and can inspire others!

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