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Welcoming the New Normal period, you will need a non-cash payment option in order to minimize physical contact. So, how do you accept non-cash transactions that are fast, simple, and secure? Don’t worry! Now, you can provide E-Money payment options on CashlezONE All in One Solution.*T&C Apply

Terms and Conditions:
1. You must have CashlezONE.
2. You must fill out the registration form and choose the "Upgrade Feature" menu.
3. Cashlez Merchants from various business categories can submit E-Money features as long as the Merchant has CashlezONE.
4. The submission process requires approximately 30 (thirty) working days.
5. You can submit E-Money Features for each store branch.
6. When the submission process has been completed, you will get a "SamCard" to be inserted on CashlezONE. "SamCard" will be sent to the address you specified on the registration form.
7. You must have a minimum total transaction per month of at least ten thousand transactions.

Check out the following tutorial about how to insert SamCard and accept E-Money payment:

For any inquiries, please contact Cashlez Care at 1500539 or email [email protected].

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