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You have trouble transacting with customers because of #PhysicalDistancing? Don’t worry! Cashlez which has various payment channels now presents the Permata Virtual Account feature that makes your customers easier to transact through various banks. Let’s activate the Permata Virtual Account feature in your Cashlez App! *T&C Applied
3 Easy Steps to Activating Permata Virtual Account:
1. Click the Menu button [≡].
2. Select "Upgrade Feature".
3. In the "Request Payment Option" view, select "Virtual Account" and submit.
Terms and Conditions apply:
1. You have already completed full registration process in Cashlez App.
2. Using Cashlez actively for at least 1 (one) month.
3. Your verification process of the Bank and Cashlez has been successful through.
4. Submission of activation of the Permata Virtual Account feature will be processed within 5 (five) working days.
5. After 5 working days, you can check the status of the submission through the Cashlez App and Merchant Portal on the "Update Feature" menu, then select "Virtual Account".

For further information, please contact Cashlez Care at 1500539 or email [email protected].

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