Making the best efforts to make a business grow is indeed a commitment for every business owner. However, don’t forget to give yourself a break! Besides being able to make your mind and body fresh, this activity can also be a form of your appreciation for the achievements that you have obtained so far.

Well, starting this weekend, the people of Indonesia have also started to enter the holiday period to welcome Eid al-Fitr. This holiday period is widely used to go home or vacation with the closest people. So, what about the business that you run when you go on vacation? No need to worry, follow the following trick!

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1. Inform team members


If you want to tell your plans to go home or go on vacation, the first party you need to tell is the staff. When you provide information that you will be leaving temporarily, then they can get ready to help with the work you are doing. In addition, you can estimate what you need to do to help the staff who are still on duty.


2. Set clear boundaries


Regardless of what profession we run, we need to implement a work life balance in order to provide maximum performance. So, when you are in your hometown, you also need to set clear boundaries about what you need to do and what you don’t need to do. These tips will also help you to train the staff.


3. Make the right division of tasks


In addition to telling you that you are going home, you need to make a clear division of tasks. For example, there are staff who are responsible for checking stock, then there are staff who are assigned to disseminate information about promotions and the latest products. This strategy will help you to ensure that even if you are going home, you can still direct your staff and make sure sure business still run properly. Meanwhile, you can also use Cashlez Reporting to monitor transactions at your place of business.

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4. Provide contact if needed


Basically, you really can’t predict what will happen while you’re not at the place of business. Therefore, just in case, you can also provide a phone number. So, when something is an emergency or something else, you can still find out.


5. Believe in yourself and your team


After determining the division of tasks and directions for the entire team, then you also need to give confidence to yourself and the staff. Remember that you have prepared to the fullest. Even though there will be obstacles later, you also need to be sure that these obstacles can definitely be overcome.


6. Give notification


The thing that is no less important to do so that you can go home in peace is to give notice. Perhaps, this notification is not posted directly, but sent to business partners and customers who usually deal directly with you.


7. Enjoy your free time


You can only feel the moment of going home once a year. Therefore, don’t waste this opportunity to make yourself more relaxed. When you can rest yourself for a while, the positive impact will be felt even when you have returned to normal activities.


Even though you’re not in business, that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize sales. Through advances in digitalization technology, you can take advantage of payment features and sales reports to ensure your business continues to run smoothly. So, when are you planning to go home or vacation?

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