Anyone can have an idea and desire to start a business. However, it is undeniable that you definitely have to go through a process to be able to open a business. This will certainly be more challenging if you are just entering the business world or starting a business from scratch.

Maybe, you will experience a lot of confusion as well as worry because you are afraid that what you are doing is not as expected. Basically, it’s okay to have fear as long as it doesn’t make it difficult for you to try your best. You see, even if you start a business from scratch, you can do many things to make your business grow, such as using these 5 tips!

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1. DYOR (Do Your Own Research)


Yup, even though you are a "new player," it doesn’t mean you have to run a business without knowing anything, especially about the type of business you are running. In fact, before your business is opened, make sure to look for information related to the business, for example, such as the types of products and services that are suitable to be offered.

Remember, you can indeed learn from other people who have experience. However, you alone need to make decisions about your business, not someone else. Therefore, the observations you make are very important.

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2. Set clear goals


You could say, one of the difficulties often experienced by business owners who are still beginners is determining how they plan to develop their business. Well, actually, you don’t need to make complex goals, moreover you’re also still learning a lot of new things in the industry you’re in.

The thing that should be your priority is to clearly define your goals. You see, if you already understand what you want to achieve, then it will be easier for you to find out how to achieve that goal.


3. Plan your business finances


Financial matters are also one of the priorities that must be considered by prospective business actors. So, you have to know what your plan is to increase your business income and what your business expenses are.


Meanwhile, you also need to pay attention to the available capital. There are various ways you can do to get additional capital, for example, such as looking for angel investors and applying for KUR (People’s Business Credit).


4. Create a strategy to increase customer loyalty


Since the beginning of you opening a business, customer loyalty should be your priority. You see, the development of your business will be greatly influenced by the level of customer satisfaction. If the products and services you provide can meet their expectations, then they can also recommend your business to other business actors.


One of the surefire ways that you can apply to make customers more comfortable shopping is through the integrated payment system from Cashlez. Equipped with various features of non-cash transactions such as credit/debit cards, QR Payments, Virtual Accounts, and installments, your customers can transact freely.


5. Enjoy what you live


Have you ever heard the term do what you love and love what you do? Of course, this expression also applies to those of you who are just starting a business. To achieve success, of course, the process is not instant. There are various things that you need to work on so that your business can run optimally.

As a beginner, you may also experience worry and doubt, especially if you compare yourself with other business actors who seem to be more developed. However, remember that your success does not depend on others, but on yourself.


It’s natural to feel scared, anxious, and worried, especially if you’re doing something new. Nonetheless, you should be able to overcome it and do your best to make your business more advanced!


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