Are you familiar with the term agribusiness? You’re right, this one industrial sector is related to agriculture field. In Indonesia, agribusiness reached its peak in the 1980s. At that time, the agribusiness actors were successful in making Indonesia produce their own foodstuffs which became daily necessities. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the popularity of this business began to decline because the profession as a farmer is considered less promising. In fact, an agribusiness actor actually has a big enough opportunity in Indonesia. In addition to providing employment, these agropreneurs can also take advantage of various technological advances in the agricultural sector so that the production process can run more effectively. So, what things does an agribusiness entrepreneur need to know? Check out the review in the following explanation!

Get to know the challenges that exist in the agricultural sector
Known as an agrarian country, land in Indonesia actually has great potential if we can manage it properly. But unfortunately, not all agricultural land in Indonesia can be totally optimized. This is what makes the income from agribusiness actors hasn’t reached to the maximal. This limitation is actually also influenced by the assumption that agricultural businesses only need to focus on ways to make agricultural land more productive, for example through the use of agricultural tools and certain methods of farming. But actually, agricultural business people can develop far from that. One of them is utilizing internet facilities and technology to market products without going through the conventional distribution channels.

The opportunity for agropreneurs to advance the agricultural business is also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, which provides the latest agricultural information through their official website at At the site, farmers can easily access information, for example on how to select seedlings, determine cropping patterns, fertilize and irrigation accordingly, and take care of agricultural land after harvest. These reference sources certainly help you who want to run a farming business to be able to grow and always keep up with the latest developments.

Agricultural business opportunities according to the young generation
Although agribusiness is one of the industries that promises substantial profits, the interest of young people in this sector is low. Referring from, there are only 12.87% of the young generation who are contributing in the agribusiness field in Indonesia. Meanwhile, 87.13% of agribusiness actors are the older generation. The low interest in agribusiness is one of the challenges for the people of Indonesia, which is trying to foster enthusiasm for the young generation to run agricultural businesses so that the agricultural sector in Indonesia can develop rapidly.

The emergence of young people in the field of agribusiness is also expected to be a solution to advance the agricultural sector. Through creative ideas and opportunities, young agropreneurs can certainly face increasingly fierce business competition. Moreover, the younger generation who live in the digital era are also very utilizing technology so that access to market agricultural products can be optimized more effectively. This is certainly very helpful for them to prevent the risk of rotten crops due to being stored too long.

Undergoing a business that is not popular among young people is indeed a challenge. However, agropreneurs have many opportunities that can be used to contribute to society and develop their businesses. Moreover, the government through the Ministry of Agriculture also provides facilities that can be used by young agropreneurs to advance their business. Are you interested in being an agropreneur? Don’t forget to provide Cashlez so that your farming business can be managed simply through real time sales reports and various non-cash payment features to facilitate transactions with customers!

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