Do you know that at the beginning of February 2022, we will have harpitnas aka the caught in between national holiday? Yup, because February 1, 2022 is Lunar New Year’s Day or also known as Chinese New Year.

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A few weeks before the Chinese New Year, people who will celebrate it have prepared a lot of things. Some of these include cleaning the house, buying new clothes, and making various cakes and Chinese New Year dishes. Of course, this preparation makes several types of businesses experience an increase in sales. Want to know anything? Let’s see the following explanation!


1. Chinese New Year ornaments


There are a variety of interesting Chinese New Year ornaments that customers can use to decorate their homes or businesses. Some examples are wall stickers, firecracker accessories, lanterns, and so on. There are several types of ornaments that can be used over and over again. However, there are also Chinese New Year decorations that can only be used once.

In accordance with the characteristics of the Chinese New Year, the ornaments are dominated by red and gold. The two colors symbolize luck, wealth and happiness.


2. Clothes


Towards the new year, of course, customers who celebrate Chinese New Year will also buy new clothes. Not surprisingly, business actors engaged in the fashion sector can also take advantage of this one moment.

Moreover, the clothes they are looking for are not only limited to typical clothes such as Cheongsam, but also other clothes that are often used during daily activities.


3. Flowers


In addition to ornaments, Chinese New Year preparations at home also require flowers as one of the decorations. These flowers will be arranged and placed on the table.

Usually, the types of flowers that are not missed before this celebration are Lucky Bamboo Flowers, Lily Flowers, and Chrysanthemum Flowers.

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4. Fresh Fruits


Fresh fruit is often consumed as a side dish at Chinese New Year celebrations. Of course, there are various types of fruit that are identical with Chinese New Year nuances, such as Ponkam oranges, apples, and grapes.

These fresh fruits can also be a solution for your customers who want to send deliveries to their closest people.


5. Pastries & Cakes


Chinese New Year celebrations are generally done by gathering with family. Well, at the time of the celebration, usually there will be snacks in the form of pastries and various cakes that can be enjoyed.

Some types of pastries that are mostly ordered before Chinese New Year are nastar, kastengel, snow white cake, and peanut cookies. Meanwhile, there are also several other types of cakes such as Lapis Legit and Lapis Surabaya.


6. Various Hampers


This type of business often gets a lot of orders. You see, hampers are one solution for your customers to send gifts to the people they care about.

There are several types of hampers that are suitable for the Chinese New Year edition, such as hampers containing cakes, fruit, biscuits, and so on. In these hampers, your customers can also leave greeting cards which can later be read by the hamper recipients.


The Chinese New Year celebration is one of the great opportunities for several business sectors to increase profits. Therefore, you need to be sensitive to trends so that you can make your business more optimal. In addition, you can also prepare a pre-order system to make it easier for you when managing customer orders. And of course, use Cashlez to make the transaction process with customers more convenient and practical.

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