Chinese New Year’s Day is just around the corner. For restaurant owners, this moment is a big opportunity to increase profits. You see, customers will come with relatives to enjoy typical dishes at the restaurant. At this special moment, usually you can also provide special Chinese New Year menus, for example like Chinese New Year salad or Yu Sheng or eight types of soup (Eight Treasure Soup).


Even though you have a great opportunity to get more customers, you also have to keep trying to make potential customers interested in visiting. So, what are the tips for marketing your restaurant business ahead of Chinese New Year? Find out in the following explanation!


1. Chinese New Year themed decorations


To enliven Chinese New Year celebrations, you can use red or gold decorations in restaurants. In addition, also use knick-knacks such as lanterns and orchid or cherry blossom decorations. That way, visitors can enjoy the excitement of enjoying the menus in the restaurant while spending time with the people closest to them. Apart from that, you can also optimize the quality of service during Chinese New Year through the Cashlez non-cash payment service. Customers can transact with various types of transactions such as credit/debit cards, Virtual Accounts, and QR Codes.

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2. Work with influencers


In the digital era, you can not only do restaurant marketing strategies directly, but also through social media. Moreover, not a few influencers create content about places to eat and share this information with their followers. You can also work with influencers to promote your restaurant. To make the collaboration program even more attractive, you can also provide special offers, such as discounts for certain menus.


3. Gifts for visitors


Do you know? The simple gifts you give to visitors can increase their satisfaction. As a result, they will also promote your restaurant to the people around them. The gift can be a coin-shaped chocolate which symbolizes prosperity throughout the new year. Apart from that, you can also provide a free snack menu for customers who have placed an order with a certain nominal value.

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4. Food coupons


Restaurant promotion strategies ahead of Chinese New Year can not only get you more visitors. You see, you can also get them to come back to your restaurant, namely by giving red packets containing food stamps. The coupon will later be used by visitors to be exchanged for discounts or cashback.


5. Share customer experiences


Every visitor who comes certainly has his own tendency when celebrating Chinese New Year at your restaurant. Maybe, there are those who hold simple events and there are also those who order certain menus. You can use the euphoria of this celebration as a promotional strategy. So, ask visitors to upload their excitement on social media. You can repost and choose some lucky visitors to get prizes.


6. Create Chinese New Year sundries content


Apart from presenting a pleasant experience at the restaurant, you can also attract potential customers through content on social media. You can adjust these contents to the moment that is being celebrated. On Chinese New Year, you can create content about the traditions of the Chinese community. Apart from that, you can also build interaction with customers through questions about your audience’s favorite foods during Chinese New Year.


Marketing strategies ahead of the Chinese New Year will help you attract potential customers. Apart from that, you can also improve the customer experience when enjoying a meal at your restaurant. So, what’s your promotion strategy for this year’s Chinese New Year Celebration?

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