Idul Fitri is getting closer. For business people, this moment is indeed a big opportunity to make a profit and reach more customers. You see, there are various needs that customers are looking for and you can offer them, both in the form of Eid edition products and products that are already provided. However, besides the great opportunity to increase business income, there is another thing that you must not forget, namely managing business finances during Eid.


In the midst of so many orders, you can indeed generate higher sales than usual. However, don’t let the amount of income make you rule out the importance of monitoring business finances. So, to keep your business finances stable during Eid al-Fitr and after, use the following methods!

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1. Make plans as early as possible


It is undeniable, the ability to monitor a business budget is greatly influenced by plans that have previously been prepared. So, before you use your budget for business needs during Eid, make sure you have determined what your plans are. That way, you can use money in a controlled manner.


2. Make a list of business needs ahead of Eid


Do you know? If you prepare a list of business needs during Eid al-Fitr, you can save expenses. You see, you can focus more on meeting your needs instead of just spending money impulsively. Moreover, a list of business needs will help you not to be easily tempted by things that are not a necessity


3. Allocate a special budget so that expenses do not exceed that budget


In addition to making plans and a list of needs at the place of business, make sure you have also determined how much budget you can use for Eid needs. Determining this budget is very important so that expenses do not exceed business income. In addition, when you want to use business funds, you must always pay attention to the availability of funds.

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4. Always consider the impact before making a decision


Business actors who consistently monitor their business finances will understand what their spending tendencies are. If you also make it a habit to monitor your financial condition, then you will also know how you tend to shop for business needs at special moments such as Eid Al-Fitr. From here, you can start learning to always consider before deciding something.


5. Using integrated payment gateway services


In the digital era like today, businesses can use a variety of technological solutions that help them manage their business. In the aspect of business income, for example, you can use access to sales reports on the Integrated Cashlez Payment Gateway service. So, you don’t need to do manual recapitulation. All payments will be recorded automatically on the sales dashboard so you can monitor it anytime and anywhere.


6. Evaluate the implemented fund management strategy


Basically, the strategy for managing business funds during Eid is not only important during this moment, but afterwards. From the strategy that you apply, you can learn to find out what is satisfying and needs to be maintained. Apart from that, through the challenges and problems faced during this period, you can also learn to grow your business.


Whether or not a business is running smoothly depends on its financial condition. Therefore, you need to ensure that the business budget that you have is used wisely. Before deciding on something, first consider what impact it will have on your business.

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