As time passes, we are already on the third week of the month of fasting. It means that, Eid al-Fitr is getting closer. For business owner, the moment of Ramadan and Eid is a blessing moment because there are many opportunities to increase sales, including online shop sales. Nevertheless, the success of business people during the fasting month and Eid is certainly also influenced by the preparation and strategies used. Therefore, you need to prepare some business strategies and effective promotions.


Preparation during Ramadan and Lebaran Holidays

  1. Make sure all products are available

During the fasting period and approaching Eid, you must ensure the availability of the products that you will offer. If you produce your own products, then you can certainly increase the amount of production, for example twice more than usual. Meanwhile, if you sell goods from suppliers , then you need to coordinate with them to provide more products.


  1. Plan a marketing and sales strategy

In addition to checking product availability, you also need to make appropriate plans to market and sell your products. Because without the right strategy, of course you will find it difficult to increase sales. Therefore, marketing and product checking activities also need to be done in parallel. This will also make it easier for you to serve customers to the maximum.


  1. Manage finances appropriately

Your finances need to be managed properly. Therefore, you need to separate personal finance from business finance. This helps you to properly monitor your income and expenses. You can also more easily evaluate and improve things that you think are still not appropriate.


  1. Prepare capital for your plan

When you want to increase the amount of stock of goods, of course you also need to prepare more capital. Indeed, this makes you spend more. However, you can get maximum results from before.


How to Attract Customer Attention during the Fasting Month and Lebaran Day

Besides running the right business strategy, you can also implement promotions to attract the attention of your customers. Here are some effective tips that you can apply.


  1. New look on the product catalog

Whether you have an online store on your own website or a marketplace, you need to update the store’s appearance. This is important because a product catalog will also give customers an impression of your business. If your shop is a mess, of course customers will also hesitate to shop.


  1. Each product comes with a description

The more detailed information you provide, the more you can convince buyers to buy the product. Because basically, the buyer wants to get the most appropriate product for himself.


  1. Discounts are always sought by customers

Both online businesses and online businesses alike need to offer discounts so customers are increasingly interested in shopping. Therefore, you need to provide a special Lebaran promo which is profitable for customers. In this way, prospective customers who previously just want to look around actually become interested in shopping.


  1. Bundling promo and free shipping

In addition to price discounts, you can also sell products quickly using a bundling promo, which offers a product package for customers. For example, if you provide Muslim clothing, you can offer bundling promos in the form of koko and skullcap clothes. Besides bundling, you can also hold free shipping promos to make it easier for customers who can’t shop directly because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


When you want to increase business profits, you certainly must be able to take advantage of the right moment and understand the tendencies of your customers. That way, you can fulfill the things they need.
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