Have you ever been in a situation where you feel nervous, worried or panic? Did this situation even cause trouble to concentrate or get through your day? According to Northwestern Medicine Clinical Psychologist Zachary Sikora, PsyD on nm.org, fear belongs to one of human survival responses. However, fear can bring negative impacts, both to our bodies as well as our minds.

Although no one wants to have a fearful feeling which at the same time increases our heart rates. But actually, we don’t need to eliminate our this mental state. When we accept our fear, there will be plenty of precious thing we can learn. Andrew Jason who is an Android Developer, a DJ, and also a gamer gave some insights about how to deal with our fear and take it as valuable lessons.


Get rid of the mental block

When asked about what was his biggest fear, the guy who is usually called AJ told about his fear to try new things. It is caused by a mental block, namely an uncontrollable rejection from our thoughts. One day, AJ and his friends went snorkeling and that was AJ’s first time. He then started to panic because of the fear of being drowned. When his body was in the water, AJ also trembled.

The fear feeling AJ experienced might have been unavoidable. But, instead of just giving up and skipping the snorkeling session, AJ chose to welcome his fear and calm himself. The only key to stop our hesitation is by taking our step into the new challenges. He emphasized that if we never try, then we never know.


Let us be ourselves

There are various factors which increase our anxiety and one of them is the habit of comparing ourselves to others. In this digital era where social media is used by many, we can easily compare ourselves to others’ updates. As a result, there are many judgemental thoughts and anxiety feelings that occur in our minds.

For AJ, who has started to become a gamer since he was an elementary school student, the solution for this problem is simple. We just have to stay on our path as in truth, one couldn’t be compared to the others. “Only by accepting who you are, you can do more,” said AJ.


Learn to adapt

When we are dealing with fear, we should also pay attention to how we adapt to new environments. At some points, we could face failure, experience burnout, or other unwanted things in our environment. But regardless of how hard the past is, we have to continue our journey and seek other great opportunities.

When joining Cashlez for the first time, AJ, who had been a programming teacher before joining Cashlez, didn’t have any idea about the environment of this fintech company. As the time passed, he started to realize that the IT Team is the best he could ever imagine. They are supportive, humble, and helpful, especially when AJ faces challenges he couldn’t solve alone.


No matter how fearful we are, we can always start to be courageous when we decide to take one simple change to reach our goal. Here is a message from AJ “There are many ways to get into your goals, but they need your efforts.”

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