On June 1, we will commemorate the Birthday of Pancasila. As the ideology of the Indonesian nation, Pancasila is a way of life that we should not only learn, but also practice in our daily lives. Pancasila has noble values that have been applied by the Indonesian people for a long time. Not only that, the ideology of Pancasila is the basis of the Indonesian state and makes us have a clear direction and purpose. As the name suggests, the word Pancasila means five precepts. Now, in each precept, there are noble values that we can apply to our daily lives, including in business matters as in the following explanation.


1. Divine Value

The first precept in Pancasila reads "Belief in the Almighty God" which means that Indonesian people believe in the existence of one God and always devote themselves to Him. Apart from that, the first precept also serves as the basis for guaranteeing the rights of the Indonesian people to religious freedom. Now, in the context of our own business, there are also a number of things we can apply to practice this first precept, such as upholding tolerance between religious communities.

To implement tolerance between every religious community, you can start by doing simple things, namely giving congratulations on religious holidays, either through social media posts or directly to customers who celebrate it. In addition, you can also use suitable decorations to welcome the holidays.


2. Human Value

The second principle of Pancasila reads "Just and civilized humanity" is a precept that contains human values. This means, Pancasila emphasizes that every human being needs to be treated according to his dignity as a creature created by God. This is because every human being has the same degrees, rights and obligations. There should be no differences based on ethnicity, race, religion or class. Therefore, you are also obliged to respect and give the same treatment to your customers.


Regardless of who they are, each of your customers has the same rights and obligations. Everything is also one of the most important factors that support the growth of your business. Therefore, you must appreciate and provide the same service to all customers. Use their feedback as a reference to continue to grow.


3. Value of Unity

The third principle of Pancasila contains the value of unity which reads "The Unity of Indonesia." Through this principle, we Indonesian citizens are reminded to uphold unity even though we have different backgrounds. These differences can vary, such as ethnicity, religion, and language. One of the things you can do to uphold this value in the world of entrepreneurship is to support fellow entrepreneurs.


In the midst of intense business competition, of course, business actors must be creative and adaptable. Well, this can be done by not putting one another down, but instead supporting fellow local business actors. For example, like collaborating with other businesses and offering new products to customers.


4. Populist Value

The fourth precept of Pancasila contains a populist value which reads "Democracy guided by inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations among representatives." Through this principle, the values of democracy in Indonesia are reflected. Now, in an everyday context, you can apply this precept through interactions between staff and customers.


When having a discussion with the staff, make sure you can respect every opinion. Then, make decisions based on deliberation. Meanwhile, when serving customers, you can also provide opportunities for them to submit suggestions and criticism. This shows that you value the opinions of customers.


5. Value of Justice

The fifth precept of Pancasila reads "Social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia." In this principle, there is a value of justice which indicates that every community has the same rights to gain welfare. You can apply this Pancasila value by respecting the rights of customers.


One of the customer rights that you must fulfill is ensuring safety and comfort when shopping. As we know, during a pandemic like this, business people must strictly implement health protocols to minimize the risk of Corona virus transmission. Provide a place for washing hands or hand sanitizer so that customers can keep shopping comfortably. In addition, use the Cashlez non-cash payment feature which minimizes direct contact during payment.


Who says running a business is not related to Pancasila? As with other professions, there are lots of opportunities we can do to practice the values of Pancasila. So from now on, start to be more sensitive and become a better individual by upholding Pancasila.
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