Amid the rapid development of digital technology, online business is also growing. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic that emerged at the beginning of last year still requires us to do our activities from home as much as possible. Not surprisingly, reported from, in July 2020, the number of online entrepreneurs increased by 38.8%.


Apart from the recommendation to be at home, online businesses are also in great demand because they are considered easier to run than having to open our own shop, where we have to find strategic places and adjust store rental prices with the budget we have.


In addition, online shop owners can also start their business without spending a lot of capital when they first open a shop! You see, they can become resellers, where new business actors provide goods when there is already an order. So, if you want to run or even already run this profession, let’s see what the dos and don’ts are for resellers!


Dos for Resellers

1. Even with minimal capital, promotion must be maximal

Basically, if you want our booth to have a lot of visitors, we have to be able to promote our products. Some examples include introducing trending products, giving discounts, or cashbacks. Well, nowadays, promotion is also easier! You see, we can take advantage of social media like Instagram.


2. Product prices must be competitive

To become a reseller, you must first confirm what the basic price of the product is and what selling price you are going to offer. In addition, you also need to consider if there are other additional costs, such as packaging and shipping costs.


3. Sell products that are currently in the market

One of the keys to becoming a successful reseller is to be selective in choosing the products to sell. For example, like products that are trending or have become a necessity for many people. In addition, you can also take advantage of certain moments such as the moments before Eid or the year-end holiday moments.


4. Be selective in choosing suppliers so that the business continues

Besides being selective in choosing products, you also need to be observant when determining suppliers of goods. Choose a seller who has supplied goods in large quantities and provides prices according to your budget. And last but not least, the supplier must also be able to serve professionally.


Don’ts For Resellers

1. Hasty promotion

Promoting has become a necessity for every business actor. However, don’t let you take this easy so that your promotion becomes perfunctory. Instead, try to come up with unique branding ideas that attract people.


2. Do not understand the product being sold

"I’m a reseller. So I don’t produce the stuff myself. "

It is true, however, how will you explain and convince potential buyers if you don’t know in detail what you are selling?


3. Quality of service is not optimal

In doing business, it is certain that the customer is your priority. Because regardless of how popular and good the products you sell are, it will be meaningless if there are no consumers. In order for the quality of your service to be maximized, provide various non-cash payment features on the Cashlez Application.


4. Do not evaluate yourself

Do you often complain because your stall is quiet when someone else throws it down? Complaining is normal, but that doesn’t mean you just stand by without trying anything. Find out new ideas that you can apply in the reseller business!


Anything called business, definitely requires commitment and effort, including when you become a reseller. So, don’t take this role easy!

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