The nine-basic food business is one of the business opportunities that are still in high demand. This is because the groceries business is easy to run, both for micro businesses and large businesses. In addition, the grocery business is also one of the types of businesses that are always needed by the community to meet their daily needs. If you can run this business diligently, you can get satisfying results. So, make sure you plan your grocery business properly!
First, you must determine the location to open the store first. Well, if you want to reduce the funding budget, you can open a grocery store in your home. This also becomes a plus point, because opening a shop in their own home allows mothers to keep taking care of the household. So, you can keep monitoring the children while cooking.
Meanwhile, another thing that you also need to plan well is to calculate the basic price of grocery and determine the selling price of the grocery items. Apparently, this is simple, however, you must be careful because the price of groceries can change. If you can’t adjust prices well, then you can trouble yourself. It’s good, you start to calculate the estimated price by doing market research, especially in stores that scale the same business as your business. This helps you to understand, what is the approximate price range of the product you are selling.
After doing market research, another thing you can prepare is venture capital. As we know, capital does play a big role in business preparation. However, not all grocery businesses must start immediately with large capital. You can still run your grocery business plan with minimal capital, for example by selling a variety of instant noodles, eggs, and cooking oil.
Even though you’re still a beginner, that doesn’t mean you can’t start a grocery business properly. Instead, the more you prepare, the smoother the business will be. So, are you ready to do grocery business?


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