Franchise business , also known as franchise business, is one of the most popular types of businesses in Indonesia. This is because the franchise business has quite promising potential. Not only that, this business is also known as a business that minimizes the risk of loss. In general, many franchise businesses are chosen by entrepreneurs who are still beginners because these businesses do not require us to make certain business strategies. There is already a business management system determined by the franchise itself. Are you one of the entrepreneurs who will run this business? Let’s check how ready are you in running a franchise business with the following three types of questions!


  1. Can you do marketing according to specified standards?

Usually, a franchise owner will ask you to prepare a budget so you can do your own marketing. You will also be given marketing media by the parent company. So, try asking yourself, can you do that standard? If not, try to negotiate with the parent company so you and the franchisee can find a solution.


  1. Determine the location to run the franchise

Although it is rarely known, most franchise parent companies usually have exclusive territories to open their franchises. This means that the area is a priority of the parent company so you cannot determine your location in any place. In addition, they will also determine how many franchises may be opened there. So, each franchise will not be close to each other and the quality of each franchise is also maintained.


  1. How you can expand your franchise business

Once your franchise business is successful, of course there will be other opportunities that are open and attractive to your colleagues. Well, you also have to prepare yourself to expand the scope of your business, for example by setting aside capital so that you can open other branches. In addition, you can also try to offer other products and services that are in accordance with current market demand.

Unlike an independent business, a franchise business requires you to follow a number of things set by the parent company. However, it will not hinder you to grow anyway!

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