World Health Organization (WHO)
has declared Corona Virus alias Covid-19 as a pandemic. Reporting from, since the emergence of this pandemic, we face many challenges and uncertainties, when we can do activities as usual again. Based on data from Google’s search engine, searches for Corona Virus have increased by 206% since the first week of February. This is because the Covid-19 pandemic not only affects the public health aspect, but also the economic aspect. One of them is the SMEs who need to make changes in order to remain able to maintain business in the midst of these difficult times. So, what changes can MSME owners make? Here is the answer!

Maintaining communication with customers

Even though it is going through a very challenging period, the SMEs must keep trying to maintain good relations with customers. Of course, the key lies in an efficient and effective way of communication. This strategy will help SMEs to build the trust of customers and prospective customers, both through social media and through their websites. The communication can be information about the shop that must be temporarily closed or the event that must be postponed. So if for example there is a refund, customers can process it easily and the UMKM reputation will be maintained because it can show a professional attitude.

Make use of online-based communication

Due to the application of physical distancing, MSME owners are advised to utilize online media as a means of communication. If for example the shop of SMEs is affected by this virus, then it should also update the store operating hours information contained in the Google search engine. This will make it easier for your customers to access information and find out when they can buy your products. In addition to operating hours, you can also update the description or additional information about the protocol that is applied to the service at UMKM. Changes you make will later be listed in business information on Google Search and Google Maps.


Adjust your business strategy

Covid-19 pandemic has many impacts on daily life, both directly and indirectly. Because people are asked to wash their hands regularly to avoid the risk of spreading the virus, the use of hand sanitizers , cleaning tissues, and other cleaning products significantly increases. In the business world, there are various types of industries that are affected, for example such as the tourism industry. Many tourist attractions are forced to be temporarily closed to prevent the spread of this virus. In addition, the government also banned travel to several places where the level of virus spread is high.


Integrate business with technological advancements

Business actors, including MSME owners in the digital era, certainly need to utilize technology to optimize their business. This can be done through integration in the communication system so as to speed up the buying and selling process even though it does not meet directly with customers. For this reason, MSMEs can take advantage of instant messaging such as WhatsApp and social media such as Instagram. Not only that, MSMEs can also make their business more effective through the use of the Cashlez Payment Gateway. As a business solution today, Cashlez provides mPOS and Cashlez Pay applications, which consist of a variety of non-cash payment options, whether in the form of digital payments, virtual accounts, online payments, to payments through various debit / credit cards.


These changes can of course be very difficult. However, as SMEs, you must continue to do your best to serve customers through clear, informative, and accurate communication. If your MSME relies on a physical store, then strategy adjustments can be made through event or budget restrictions. Prioritize essential needs. In addition, SMEs also need to focus on introducing their businesses in order to get high buying and selling power.
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