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The number of motorized vehicles in Indonesia continues to increase. Reporting from, until the end of 2022, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded that there were 17.2 million passenger cars in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, this can be an opportunity for those of you who want to run a business in the automotive sector.


Basically, there are various types of business in the automotive sector that you can run, ranging from those that you can start yourself or those that you need to work on with staff. Of course, the type of business you want to run needs to be adjusted to market needs and your interests. So, if you want to find an automotive business idea, let’s look at the following inspiration!

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1. Driving School


If you tend to want to be an instructor rather than a mechanic, you can open a driving school. The services you offer can help people who want to learn to drive or find driving instructors for their children. To start this business, of course, you first need to prepare business and car permits. Apart from that, make sure to also have car insurance and open a business in a strategic place.


2. Buying and selling used cars or motorbikes


This type of automotive business is suitable for those of you who have experience as a vehicle salesman and have good knowledge of car or motorcycle specifications. Yup, especially if it’s not a business of buying and selling cars or motorbikes. So, for those who are interested in running this business, be sure to study the terms and conditions when transacting used cars and motorbikes, OK? To simplify the transaction process, you can rely on Cashlez which provides payments via debit/credit cards, Cashlez Link, QRIS, to online payments.


3. Paint and Body Repair Workshop


As a valuable asset, car owners certainly take good care of their vehicles. They will pay attention to their vehicles and use them carefully. Therefore, when a scratch appears, of course the car owner needs an expert to fix it. So, if you are interested in providing paint and correction services for car bodies, you can take part in training so that your skills will increase.

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4. Classic car restoration services


For classic car lovers, ensuring optimal vehicle performance is a priority. Not surprisingly, they need a repair shop that provides services to maintain their vehicles so that they can continue to be used. Before starting a car restoration service, you need to first find out to customers about what they expect. This will make it easier for you to adjust the type of service to customer expectations.


5. Car rental


Transportation is indeed one of the most important aspects of everyday life. If you want to travel from one place to another, the vehicle you use will make it easier for you, both for work, vacations, and so on. Therefore, if you have several cars, you can start a car rental business for customers. Usually, the cost of renting a car will be calculated per day.


6. Vehicle washing service


A business idea in the automotive sector that has great potential is car wash services. So, you will provide washing services for two types of vehicles, namely motorbikes and cars. Through the services you offer, motorbike and car owners no longer need to bother taking the time to clean their vehicles. So, make sure to also provide a large area of land so that it can accommodate many vehicles.


Various automotive business ideas and an increasing number of car users are certainly good opportunities for business people. Of course, in order for the automotive business you choose to become a sustainable business, you also need to improve the quality of your products and services and maintain good relationships with business partners. Use Cashlez as a transaction solution at your place of business so customers can make transactions in a practical, comfortable and safe way!

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