Every human being has made mistakes, including when you run your hotel business. However, you need to think about the mistakes you make, especially in service issues, which can cause your customers to be disappointed. Therefore, in the hospitality industry, you are very obliged to prioritize customer satisfaction. Avoid 4 things so that your hotel business can continue to improve.

1. Does not provide contact information
Prospective customers can find out about your hotel through a website that is very attractive in design. However, the design does not mean that they have to find anything to contact on the main page. Meanwhile, customers need an explanation, ranging from promotions, room prices, to room reservation information.

2. Not using social media effectively
Social media is one of the most powerful platforms that can be used to do marketing. However, you don’t need to rush to direct your website visitors to social media because this will distract them from re-opening the website. Better yet, your hotel social media is filled with a variety of content, from promotions to the types of rooms and facilities that can be obtained.

3. Not looking for the right business partner
One of the main factors that can make each segment go forward by doing partnerships. For the hospitality industry itself, suitable business partners can consist of travel agents or tourist attractions. Now, before working with potential partners, you need to find out as much detail as possible, what kind of potential you can get from partnering with them.

4. Ignoring the potential of the environment around you
Guests who come to your hotel might indeed want to stay overnight. But actually in addition to looking for a place to stay, they certainly also assess what their experience of getting lodging. So, don’t forget to exploit this potential and work with local businesses in the area around the hotel, for example to provide senior exhibitions that also sell a variety of handicrafts.

Being aware to weaknesses and strengths in your hotel is important. With this second thing, you can improve and improve the quality of your place of business.

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