Wee are now entering the 14th day of the Fasting Month. In preparing for Eid al-Fitr, not a few people are looking for Eid hampers to be sent to the closest people, from family to friends. In fact, as reported by Suara.com, there are 72% of hamper purchases made during the month of Ramadan.


The increasing demand for hampers can certainly be one of the opportunities for business owners to reap the coffers ahead of Lebaran. Moreover, this hamper business also tends to be flexible! There are various types of hampers that can be offered, ranging from tableware, pastries, to worship utensils. So, if you want to run your hamper business smoothly, make sure to avoid the following 6 mistakes!


  1. Doing a product photo shoot in a hurry


So that potential customers are interested in buying the hampers that you provide, you can do a photo shoot for the hampers. However, make sure to do it right so that the resulting photo matches the customer’s expectations. You can also pay attention to the angle of taking photos which makes product photos look clear and attractive. Then, take some pictures as an alternative choice for your business promotion purposes.


  1. Not paying attention to packaging hampers


Nowadays, not a few hamper orders are made online. Therefore, business owners need to ensure that the hampers sent are packaged neatly and protected. This is very important to minimize the risk of package damage during the shipping process. One thing you can do is fill the empty part of the hamper box with pieces of paper so that the contents of the box remain solid.


  1. Determining the price of the product that is not suitable


As a hampers business owner, you must understand very well what the basic price of the products you provide is. Don’t let the information about this basic price be missed so that the hamper is too expensive or too cheap. In addition, it is also important to calculate the price based on the complexity of making hampers. You see, there are greeting card packaging boxes, as well as other decorations that you use.


  1. Does not present attractive hampers


Of course, the hampers that you sell can have various variations, ranging from affordable ones to those that require a lot of budget. Even so, you must still prioritize the brand of the business you are running. You see, if you present "economical" hampers but the quality is not satisfactory, of course you will find it difficult to increase customer loyalty.


  1. Too many pieces of paper on the hampers


In order for the safety of the hampers to be maintained during shipping, we do need to add pieces of paper in the box. However, the hampers will not be attractive if you add too many pieces of paper. As a solution, try to find packaging that is smaller in size. Thus, the appearance of your hampers will still look attractive so that customers will feel satisfied.


  1. Limited payment facilities


In the midst of busy preparing customer hamper orders, you must still understand that the customer shopping experience is very important. Without a good shopping experience, customers will be reluctant to order again. Therefore, in addition to providing quality hamper products, there are also various payment options through the Cashlez Application. All incoming transactions will be recorded automatically and you can immediately send proof of digital transactions to customers!


The hamper business is indeed one of the business opportunities that should not be missed before Eid. Moreover, fans of this one product come from various circles. Come on, make the hamper business even more practical with the support of the Cashlez payment system!

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