The wedding organizer business opportunity is often an opportunity that many people are looking for. The reason is, there are not many enthusiasts for wedding organizer services, not to mention the fees given. If you have a passion in the entertainment field, of course this profession will be more fun to run.


However, of course the business in the field of wedding organizers has its own challenges. Not infrequently, the many things you have to do can also cause you to feel difficult. Not to mention, you also have to always adjust the event to current trends and requests from customers.


The many responsibilities that a wedding organizer must carry out certainly require you to work effectively. Don’t let anything you miss and have an impact on the smooth running of the event. Therefore, make sure to avoid the following 6 mistakes, yes!


1. Improperly doing market research

Market research is indeed an aspect that must be considered by every business person, including wedding organizers. Hence, you need to make an effort to gather information. In addition, don’t hesitate to build networking with other wedding organizers so that you and your business partners can exchange experiences and knowledge.


2. No experience in the wedding industry

Perhaps, during this time many of us think that being a wedding organizer does not require a certain experience or educational background. However, how do you build a business reputation in this area? So, if you really want to get into the wedding business, try to spend some time studying and gaining experience in the wedding industry.


3. Not preparing the agreement

When you have got a customer, you need to prepare a service framework and a contract agreement. This is important so that both parties can equally obtain rights and carry out their respective responsibilities. Some examples of agreement details that you can discuss with customers, such as what services you will provide, how long the meeting time between the two parties is, and how the payment schedule for wedding organizer services is.


4. Not implementing business policies

As a wedding organizer, you will be in contact with many clients and partners. So, so that the collaboration between you, your clients, and partners can run smoothly, you also need to implement policies before the collaboration begins. This business policy can be in the form of your operational schedule, whether the service price is negotiable or not, and so on.


5. Not focusing on marketing strategy

As we know, the wedding organizer business is a business that many customers are looking for. Therefore, you also need to implement the right marketing strategy in order to reach potential customers. In this digital era, you can start marketing through online platforms such as websites and social media. In fact, the payment system can be done practically through the payment link feature on Cashlez Link.


6. Lack of knowledge about money management

To run a profitable business, you must first understand your financial situation. Therefore, pay close attention to the expenses and income you get as a wedding organizer. That way, you can determine whether your business is running smoothly or not.


By recognizing what mistakes can be made when preparing for a client’s wedding, you can be more sensitive and careful. Because basically, a wedding organizer is highly judged based on the way he organizes the event.

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