Every business actor certainly has a different business motivation. Perhaps, there are those who want to followt their passion, become more independent, or provide solutions that have been needed by the community. But regardless of what motivation you have, you can have a lot of influence on many people!


Well, coinciding with the commemoration of Heroes’ Day on November 10, we can learn from the noble values that our heroes fought for. Of course, these values can also be applied to everyday life, including in the business sector. Come on, see what contributions you can make to the community!


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1. Provide job opportunities


Even though they have a small business scale, business actors who are included in the MSME scale are a sector that dominates the business field! Therefore, it is not surprising that MSME actors have an important role in the development of a country.


There are many contributions that can be made by business actors, one of which is empowering the surrounding community by opening up work opportunities. Therefore, local businesses not only have a positive impact on the economic aspect, but also the social aspect.


2. Support local economic progress


When customers support local businesses, they also indirectly support the community around the place of business. You see, business actors tend to empower the surrounding community to develop their business.


For example, a local coffee shop owner who uses the services of a graphic designer to create a business logo. In addition, there are also many business actors who cooperate with small businesses in the vicinity in carrying out renovations in their business premises.


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3. Support the surrounding community


In addition to supporting the surrounding community in the economic aspect, business people can also strengthen the identity of their community. Moreover, a business is also part of the hallmark of a place.


For example, when there are business actors who offer various handicraft products, then these products can be a representation of the community around the place of business.


4. Providing innovation and diversity

Each product offered by business actors certainly has its own uniqueness. These innovations must of course always be carried out so that business actors can continue to adapt their business to market demand.


Without innovation, business actors will of course also find it difficult to face tough business competition. Therefore, creativity must always be trained so that a business not only develops, but can also present diversity and uniqueness that attracts potential customers.


5. Go digital for a better change


When business actors switch digital, it is not only their business that benefits because it can be managed practically, their customers can also experience benefits such as convenience in the payment process and attractive promos through cashless transaction options.


Cashlez is the right choice for business people who want to switch digital. Besides being easy to use, this one business solution provides various cashless payment options, both for online and offline businesses.


A business is not just a passion that you can run, but also an opportunity for you to contribute and provide solutions for the people around you. So, are you ready to make various contributions to the environment around you?


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