What comes to your mind when you hear the word “agriculture?” Will you immediately be reminded of the vast land, plowing of rice fields, or agricultural business actors who have not optimized technology optimally?

In the past, businesses in the agricultural sector were often identified with the traditional system. But in the digital era like today, there are many opportunities to develop land with the support of various technologies. Moreover, there is a lot of potential that can be extracted from the younger generation to support the advancement of the agricultural sector.


The minimum number of young farmers in Indonesia

Unfortunately, as reported by bisnis.tempo.co, it turns out that we still lack millennial farmers because based on the Agricultural Human Resources Extension and Development Agency, the number of young farmers is only about 8 percent or 2.7 million people from the total farmers. Meanwhile, about 90 percent of farmers are the next generation.

Now, as the next generation of the nation, you can also take steps forward to develop your business while at the same time contributing to the country. For that, let’s see what opportunities you can take advantage of in agricultural business opportunities in the digital era!


1. Broader marketing


In the midst of rapid technological advances, you can not only cultivate rice, vegetables, fruit, and other commodities. You see, you can also promote your crops more broadly through digital marketing strategies. For that, you need to prepare a website or social media to reach the audience. In addition, you can also install your products on the marketplace so that customers can directly order them.

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2. Interesting products


Becoming a businessman in the agricultural sector also opens up opportunities for you to present interesting products that were previously rarely known, for example, such as plant cultivation which will later be made as herbal medicine. There are various types of plant parts that you can use, ranging from bark, leaves, rhizomes, and fruit.


3. Farming flexibly


Who says farming can only be done by people who have large lands in mountainous areas? Those who live in urban areas can also start cultivating various vegetables and fruits from their own home. You see, there are many urban farming technologies that are currently becoming increasingly popular, one of which is farming with hydroponic technology. So, instead of using land, you use water as a planting medium.


4. Contribution to food needs


As the population grows, the agricultural sector plays an important role in ensuring that food needs are always met. Well, you can start this effort from yourself, namely by presenting various types of food from your agricultural land. So, don’t be surprised if the agricultural business is also one of the right recommendations for those of you who want to run a sustainable business.

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5. Efforts to protect the environment


When you run an agricultural business using sustainable business principles, you can reduce pollution and other bad impacts that can harm the environment. And as a millennial farmer, you can also use the Cashlez App, a payment application that provides various options for non-cash transactions as well as an e-receipt feature that can certainly reduce the amount of paper usage!


Without regeneration, Indonesia will lack the number of farmers. Therefore, it takes the role of the younger generation to maximize the productivity of the agricultural sector through various facilities from technology. Let’s start your change step and manage your business more practically with Cashlez!


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