While human beings need to be around other people, it is also crucial to become independent and unbiased. Independence allows you to be more confident, motivated, and broad-minded. Moreover, reducing biassed thoughts enables you to avoid unreasonable opinions.


The progress necessary to become independent and objective is not instant. You need to be adaptable and open to learning new perspectives. At the workplace, there is one role that is suitable to be your role model, namely that of internal auditors. Kautsar Rosadi, the Internal Auditor Manager of Cashlez, would show you the way.

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When in doubt, always remember your objectives.


For Kautsar, one thing he likes the most when conducting an audit process is independence. He does not depend on other teams. However, this can cause difficulties at work, such as when he disagrees with his colleagues.To overcome this, they usually look back at their objectives, which remind them what they should do and what they should avoid.


Meanwhile, to optimise the audit plan preparation, Kautsar and his team will consider the risks that may occur. Those risks vary, from financial aspects to operational aspects. They will then rank the potentials and determine which have the highest and lowest risks.By taking this step, the internal audit team will get a clear idea of the best possible ways they can proceed.


Judge less, recognise more.


Some people may believe that criticism starts when someone is eager to express their thoughts to others. While this assumption is true, we should keep in mind that being critical is different from being judgmental. When you interrupt and evaluate others based only on your perspective, it means that you’re not objective and empathic.


As an internal auditor, Kautsar has to learn how departments in a company work. It does not only allow him to learn new things, especially in the fintech industry, but also understand the procedures of other teams. Therefore, he won’t judge others too easily, even though they’re from different teams. Moreover, as he always works with data, he is able to remain objective.

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One common misconception about internal auditors


What comes to mind when you hear the word "auditors?" One of the most common things we hear about auditors is that they are scary. So, those who become auditees will be most likely to be afraid of them since they worry about various things like getting into trouble or making a mistake.


In Kautsar’s point of view, auditing processes aim to examine and assess an organization. It can be on the account or in financial situations. They can find out whether you already follow the proper procedure and are on track or need improvements. So, it will help businesses make the best decisions and optimise their potential in order to achieve sustainability.


Becoming an independent and impartial person is beneficial in all aspects, including your work life. It does not only improve your relationships with others but also encourages you to keep your focus. Learning from internal auditors will help you acquire these two positive traits.


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