Taking care of the body can indeed be a form of caring for ourselves. Of course, this treatment can be done in various ways, from using masks, sunscreen, to getting hair spa services.

Well, in Indonesia, the interest of beauty products also increases every year. Reporting from Bisnis.com, based on a study conducted by Euromonitor, the beauty and care industry in Indonesia is estimated to reach a potential of up to US$ 6 billion. And by 2022, this potential is predicted to reach US$8.4 billion.

Therefore, as a beauty enthusiast, you should not skip this great opportunity. Come on, first identify 6 types of beauty businesses that can be your inspirations!


1. Beauty Salon

This business opportunity will offer a variety of treatments for your customers. Starting from treatments for hair such as haircuts, coloring, and bleaching to treatments for skin and nails such as spa and manicure and pedicure. To open a beauty salon business, of course you have to prepare a strategic location so that it is easily accessible by customers. Also prepare the tools needed for maintenance such as hair styling chairs, straighteners, and scissors. During a pandemic like now, you can also offer salon care services by visiting the customer’s house, aka home service!


2. Beauty Clinic

In addition to beauty salons, other business opportunities that are no less promising are beauty clinics. To present a variety of beauty treatments at the clinic, of course you will need a beauty specialist who will handle medical treatments, both for the patient’s face and skin. Before getting treatment at this clinic, customers will first have a consultation session with a professional doctor. That way, patients can get treatment with maximum results.


3. Makeup Artist (MUA)

Nowadays, makeup artist (MUA) is one of the professions that many people are interested in. You see, the presence of an MUA is needed for various purposes, ranging from graduation ceremonies, engagements, seminars, reunions, to weddings. Through the services of a make-up artist, a person can appear more optimal at the event he or she will participate in. Meanwhile, MUAs do not just use beauty products and equipment. They will adjust the customer’s makeup according to their needs and requests, such as customers who want to get a barbie look or a dewy look.


4. Cosmetics Shop

Well, specifically for this one business opportunity, you don’t provide services, but products from various cosmetic brands. Some of these products include body lotion, powder, shampoo, and eyebrow pencil. You can offer these products to customers directly or to your customers who, for example, have a beauty salon business. So in other words, you can be a supplier or business actor who is directly connected to customers.


5. Beauty Spa

Beauty spas have become one of the most popular trends among people of all ages. You see, this one treatment is very suitable to be used to relieve fatigue and tiredness due to a hectic routine. Well, when you plan to have a beauty spa, then you not only need to provide a place, but also equipment that supports beauty spa treatments. To make it easier for you to get this equipment, don’t hesitate to find the trusted business partners.


6. Herbal Cosmetics and Care Products

Are you a beauty enthusiast who has a background in pharmacy or other related fields? If the answer is yes, then you have the opportunity to present a series of herbal care and cosmetic products made from natural ingredients so that their efficacy and safety are guaranteed. Some examples of herbal products in the beauty sector that you can offer, for example, are facial creams, shampoos, and facial washes. In order for your product to be more reliable, also make sure that you register your product with BPOM or other related organizations!


As we know, business opportunities must always be adjusted to trends in the market. That way, you can not only get maximum profit, but also popularity among customers! And to make your business more up-to-date, use Cashlez which accepts various types of non-cash payments and provides access to sales reports for Merchant.

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