The business owners should be committed to the business they build. Starting from business product sales, marketing strategies, to business finances must be understood well. So does this mean that business actors don’t have to continue to directly take care of their business?


Maybe, running a business that suits your interests and you can manage from anywhere sounds like a dream. However, if you are willing to put in the effort and enjoy the process, the results will not be in vain! Come on, follow these 6 tricks so you can become an independent business owner!


1. Define your goals

Before doing anything else, make sure you know what your goals are. For example, you want to be more independent so you can manage your business flexibly. So, you don’t always have to manage the business directly. Or, you may want to be more independent in order to have a more balanced life between business and personal matters. With this goal, you will be more motivated to try to pursue the targets that you have.


2. Dare to make changes

Life as a business actor is certainly very dynamic. So, you can’t just stay in your comfort zone. Do not hesitate to follow market trends so that your business can continue to grow. In the digital era, especially during the pandemic, for example, cashless payments are increasing. Because besides being practical and safe, this method can also reduce the risk of virus transmission. Through the Cashlez App, you can provide various payments, ranging from digital wallets, virtual accounts, to online payments.


3. Monitor your cash flow

In order to be more independent, of course you have to pay attention to your business cash flow. If the cash flow is smooth, it means that you have started your steps as an independent businessman. On the other hand, if you still need to improve your cash flow, stay optimistic and rearrange your money management strategy. So, to make it easier for you to monitor cash flow, there is a Premium POS feature from the Cashlez App that provides a summary of your business transactions.


4. Expand your network

Being an independent businessman doesn’t mean you do everything yourself. Instead, in order to be more professional, you have to learn and share experiences with other people who are also engaged in entrepreneurship. So, don’t hesitate to take part in online events that give you the opportunity to expand your network. Because the more your network develops, the greater your opportunity to maximize your business potential and abilities.


5. Create a business plan

To become a more independent businessman, you must first identify yourself. So, start to identify what assets and potential you have and find out how you can maximize these assets so that they are more valuable. Only then can you determine what your plans for the future will be. Remember, you can prepare this plan in several types, not just one plan.


6. Build a platform for your business

As an entrepreneur, there are things you should pay more attention to besides sales, namely how you build an audience. For that, you must provide a platform so that you can interact with the audience. Moreover, your audience will be the main potential to get new customers while retaining the old ones. In this digital era, providing a platform for business is not difficult! All you need to do is create social media or a special website for your business.


When it comes to business matters, of course you have to be optimistic. Come on, start your step as an independent businessman!


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