The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed had many impacts on us, ranging from limited mobility to the application of strict health protocols to suppress the chain of virus spread.


However, did you know that in fact, this situation also increases public awareness of health! Reporting from, based on the 2021 Asia Pacific Health Inertia Survey explained that 75% of respondents from Indonesia explained that they had started eating healthy food since the emergence of the pandemic.


As a healthy food business owner, of course this is your opportunity to grow. Let’s take a look at some of the following tips!


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1. Pay attention to how you maintain product quality


As previously explained, healthy food has now become a trend among people who want to stay healthy. You also of course have the expertise to make a variety of delicious healthy foods. However, this is not enough to help you market your product because there are several things that need to be considered, starting from preparing the menu design, food portions, and your strategy to maintain the taste and quality.


2. Do customer segmentation


You shouldn’t miss this tip because without understanding who your customers are, you’ll have a hard time offering healthy food menus. For example, if you opened a healthy food catering, you might be targeting a group of customers who are adults and working. That way, you can customize whatever products they are looking for, from lunch menus, breakfast menus, to low-fat and low-calorie desserts.


3. Announce in various media


As a business actor engaged in the digital era, you must have realized how important the role of social media is in reaching potential customers. Therefore, take advantage of the platform that you have as much as possible, both to offer the latest menus, hold promotions, to inform the payment service system from Cashlez that will make it easier for customers.


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4. Not just offering products


Not a few think that when someone opens a business, it means that he only needs to offer the products he sells. Even though this is not effective enough to make your business more advanced. If you want to show how important it is to eat healthy food, of course you have to share a success story that will inspire other potential customers to switch to a healthy lifestyle.


5. Educate customers


The thing that should not be missed for healthy food business people in today’s era is consistently providing education to customers. That way, customers can understand that a healthy lifestyle must be carried out continuously, not just at certain times. In addition, education about healthy food can also give you the opportunity to build a community and expand your network.


6. Make sure you are transparent


You do offer nutritious and healthy food menus. However, you also have to make sure to always provide information regarding nutritional levels and the food ingredients used. This is important so that customers can find out whether the products they choose can be consumed or not, especially if they have certain allergies. Do not let, there are food ingredients that can trigger these allergy symptoms.


Well, that’s a tip for you healthy food business people so you can expand more. And of course, because everything is completely cashless, make sure to rely on the Cashlez App and payment system that can accept various types of non-cash transactions!
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