Endorse services performed by selebgram is one of the services needed by businesses, especially if you offer your products in online platform. In a way, endorse is one of the effective marketing strategies to increase your business brand awareness . So, people will become more familiar with the products you sell. So, don’t be surprised if the number of followers in your business instagram account can increase significantly if there are celebrities who endorse your product. Well , so you can use endorse services effectively, do the following 3 things before working with a program. 


  1. Look at the comments column

Before you determine who the celebrity you will work with, first look at the comments column. This is because the number of followers and likes does not determine the popularity of the program. An Instagram account that you can work with is an account that has a lot of comments because it signifies a high level of engagement with followers.


  1. Follow the account that you want to work with

Each celebrity will have a contact person who can be contacted to provide endorse services . Therefore, you need to follow the account and contact the contact provided. Sometimes, certain promotions will be given to business owners who want to work with a program.


  1. Compare one account to another

You should not just rely on one account, but need to look for several references. It is better for you to record who is suitable for promoting your product. After that, find out information about their account and compare, which account has the highest level of engagement .


Even though it is a trend to increase brand awareness , it cannot be denied that endorse requires a lot of money. You can spend hundreds of thousands or even millions so that your product can be posted on a celebrity account . Because the costs are not small, of course you need to get maximum results right? Do not let, the costs you spend are not comparable with what you get.

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