The German quote “Übung macht den Meister (practice makes the master) reminds us to stay focused on what we practice. Usually, this quote is used for the work life context to explain that we have to make efforts if we want to obtain sophisticated results. Besides, mastering our field is definitely essential for us to deal with challenges, make progress effectively, and so on. However, is being excellent alone is enough to achieve anything and live a meaningful life?


Muhamad Adam Ali, the Officer System Administrator Server of Cashlez, believes that each of us is able to master knowledge for ourselves. However, this isn’t enough when we want to improve ourselves. We still need to get out of the so-called “comfort zone” and find new inspirations while practicing our knowledge. It doesn’t always mean that we have to change our path, but rather the circumstances we face.


Adam, who previously worked in an industrial IT vendor explained that most of his role in Cashlez is the same as in his former workplace, but he was interested to join Cashlez since it had significant differences on culture, environment, and work style compared to the previous company.“ The developed circumstances in fintech company has also triggered its team to improve their skills and career here, said Adam.”


Being responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, Adam not only enhances his interest in computer, but also learns to improve soft skills from the various colleagues who are friendly, helpful, and cooperative. The man who wears 47 size shoes still remembers how exciting the moments of Cashlez 2019 outing in Ciwidey were. In that event, Adam also won an award as the calmest guy in Cashlez!


So basically, having excellent skills is required, but from Adam, we can learn that we still have the most important point is how we use it to benefit us and the others. We are all responsible for our choices and decisions, aren’t we?


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