We all know that being an employee and running a business are so different. When you become a full timer, you’re obligated to work from a certain duration which previously has been informed by the employer. Meanwhile, when you have your own business, you will most likely not have a fixed working time. Instead, your schedule tends to be more flexible.


However, not all business owners only focus on their own business. They can also have other hustles, or even still work full time like our Sales Support in Medan City, Efriza Pratama. So, how is it like to have a job as well as a business? Find out how an employee who runs a business can stay on track from Efriza’s explanation!

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Take control of your time, so it won’t control you


This is probably the most common problem every employee faces when running a business. It’s true that keeping a business running smoothly needs effort and it’s not as simple as imagined. There are pretty much things to do, such as prepare the products, market them, and also monitor the cash flow.


So, in Efriza’s opinion, it’s better for a full timer to partner with another business owner or manage the business with a family member. Since he opened his business, Efriza has always been accompanied by his wife. “Besides having someone we can trust, we also need to use our time efficiently. On weekends, I spend time to serve the customers who order the foods online, said Efriza’’


Get opportunities to grow from every person you know


Developing business is about learning. So, when you want to expand, you need to find out the potentials you can explore. To market his products, Efriza promoted them to his colleagues in office which surprisingly gave positive feedback to him!

Besides, Efriza also gets to know other F&B entrepreneurs to learn more about this business sector. They can share insights and broaden their perspectives in running their business. He can also find out what he should improve, such as new products, promotions, and many more.

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Improve your daily performance with technology


The privilege that can only be accessed in the digital era is optimizing your performance using technology. So, even though you only have 24 hours a day to work and manage your store, there are various solutions you can try to save more time and leave your working manual habit.


To control the income in his business, Efriza, who works at Cashlez also becomes Cashlez Merchant! The user-friendly products and automatic system Cashlez provides helps him to monitor the transactions efficiently!


From Efriza, we can infer that developing an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial, regardless of what career path we pursue. Thinking like entrepreneurs allows us to focus on the solutions we can provide instead of just complaining about the obstacles we face. Even if you still hesitate yourself, please remember what Efriza said:


"Just get started first, when it comes to the results, let the effort and prayer answer."

-Efriza Pratama-


So, have you built your entrepreneurial mindset?


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