Are you interested in opening your own business, but still hestitated because you don’t have the experience? Take it easy, not all businesses need a lot of experience, for example just like a franchise alias franchise business. For those of you who are just starting to do business, running a francise business tends to be more practical. This is because you don’t have to think about what products you need to sell and what equipment you need to prepare. In general, the franchise business is indeed a lot in the food and beverage industry. But besides that, there are also several non-food and beverage franchise businesses, such as the following 7 types of franchises.

1. Minimarket
Minimarkets provide a variety of daily necessities, ranging from groceries to household cleaning tools. Hence, many people choose to shop there because the price is affordable. Especially if the minimarket is located in a busy settlement. If you want to open a minimarket franchise, make sure you have prepared a clean, spacious, and comfortable place. And when your business is running, you also need to check inventory and expiration dates to maintain product quality.

2. Selling clothes
Besides food, clothing is also one of the main needs of humans. This is what makes the demand for clothing is never lonely, moreover we also need various types of clothing for different conditions. For example, to attend a formal event, we certainly need neat and elegant clothes, while during the rainy season, we need thick clothes.

3. Baby & Child Needs
In Indonesia, the birth rate is still high because based on, there are about 4.2 to 4.8 million babies born every year. You can certainly take advantage of this opportunity to open a franchise that sells a variety of baby and child gear. Remember, the target market is not only pregnant women, but also friends or close relatives who are also waiting for the birth of the baby.

4. Laundry and cleaning services
Dense routines often leave most people with no time. As a result, they did not have time to wash clothes and clean the house. Therefore, they need laundry and cleaning services. The potential of this business is no joke, because your customers are also diverse, ranging from career women to students. In order for this franchise to run smoothly, make sure you choose a franchise with an appropriate investment amount and management system.

5. Beauty Center
If you are interested in the beauty industry, you can try your luck by opening a beauty center. Starting from teenagers, office workers, to housewives certainly need care to make a maximum appearance. These treatments also vary, for example, like facials, spas, to hair coloring.

Educational and training institutions
To compete in the world of work, everyone certainly needs education and training. The more knowledge and expertise possessed, the more opportunities someone has to develop. Well, if you are interested in education, try to open institutions in the form of tutoring or skills courses, for example such as sewing courses and computer courses.

7. Travel Services Bureau
Traveling has become one of the most popular hobbies, especially along with the emergence of social media which is a place to share experiences. However, often the desire to travel is not carried out because we do not know the exact budget that must be spent. You who are passionate in tourism can take advantage of this opportunity by making various travel packages. With a complete and affordable tour package, potential tourists will be interested in registering.

Various franchise business opportunities are wide open for you. But before buying one of them, make sure you have learned everything about the franchise. Also use Cashlez, which provides cashier applications and payment machines so that your customers can transact with various non-cash payment methods.



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