Do you know what is celebrated every December 12th? Apparently, these twin dates are used as National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas)! Apart from being eagerly awaited by customers, Harbolnas is also an important moment for businesses to increase their business.

In Indonesia, Harbolnas was first held on December 12, 2012 by several e-commerce companies. The aim is to support and educate the public so that they are used to shopping online safely, practically and quickly. As time goes by, the variety of offers at Harbolnas is also increasing. But it turns out, it’s not only Indonesian people who celebrate Harbolnas. People in other countries can also enjoy online shopping day celebrations, like in the following celebrations!

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1. Black Friday


After Thanksgiving, there is a shopping celebration that Americans have been waiting for, namely Black Friday. Yup, the moment that has been held since Friday provides a variety of massive discounts from businesses, both those selling online and offline. Even though it originally came from the United States, now there are also other countries that hold Black Friday, such as several countries in Europe and Australia. Since it is held on the last Friday in November, many consider Black Friday to be the opening of the Christmas shopping season. Interestingly, the name Black Friday was originally not used as a shopping day celebration, but a moment of market chaos in America caused by a decline in gold prices in the 1860s.


2. White Friday


White Friday is a shopping celebration like Black Friday held in Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. This celebration was first held in 2014 by an online retail business called As the name implies, White Friday begins on Friday, an important day for the people there to worship and gather with friends and family. Usually, White Friday moments will last for four days.

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3. Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday is a shopping day celebration in America which is held on the Monday after Thanksgiving or three days after Black Friday. Cyber Monday itself has been celebrated since 2005 and was started by the National Retail Federation (NRF) at According to NRF, people’s online shopping traffic on the Monday after Thanksgiving is very high. This then motivated them to hold Cyber Monday which succeeded in beating Black Friday. In 2017, the total spending amount reached 6.59 million dollars. This number increased by 16.8% compared to 2016.


4. Singles Day


Singles Day is the largest annual shopping day celebration held in China. Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Singles Day is one of the biggest shopping days in the world. Meanwhile, the name Singles Day was inspired by November 11, which consists of four numbers one. Uniquely, Singles Day was originally an anti-Valentine’s Day campaign carried out by college students in the 1990s. However, in 2009, the e-commerce giant Alibaba began holding a shopping day celebration on Singles Day, so this celebration came to be known as one of the online shopping celebrations.


5. El Buen Fin


If you look at the name, can you guess where the celebration of El Buen Fin came from? You’re right! This celebration is an annual celebration held in Mexico one week before Día de la Revolución Revolution Day which is celebrated on the third Monday of November. During the El Buen Fin celebration, business actors will attract the attention of potential customers by providing discounts, credit services, and product packages. Not surprisingly, in 2017, the El Buen Fin celebration managed to achieve total sales of 2.48 million pesos. This amount increased by 1.73 million pesos compared to 2016.


Harbolnas is one of the year-end moments that many customers have been waiting for. They can get their favorite products at affordable prices. So, so that the transaction process during this special moment runs smoothly, be sure to use Cashlez, which has a variety of non-cash payment options, both online and offline.

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