So that your business can run smoothly and achieve the targets that have been determined, of course you need to make various efforts. Well, one of the things you need to prioritize is customer service.


Customer service as the key to business success


As a service provided to customers so that customers can ask questions, suggestions, or criticism, customer service has an important effect on your customer satisfaction level.


And when customers are satisfied with the products and services you provide, your business sales can increase. In addition, your business can also grow and be sustainable.

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As a business actor, you also understand that customer service is as important as other business aspects, starting from sales, marketing, products, and distribution. However, customer service not only affects aspects of your service, but can also provide the following 7 positive influences!


1. Make business reputation increase


When you can provide services to provide solutions and answers to customer questions and feedback, the customer experience will improve. This will also have a positive effect on the development of your business. You see, not only customers are increasingly interested in your business, but also business partners, employees, and investors.


2. Customers will feel more satisfied


Do you know, what can keep customers loyal to your business products and services? Of course, customer loyalty really depends on how you build relationships with customers, such as consistently holding training or webinars or information about the latest promos.


3. Customer satisfaction also affects the welfare of team members


As it turns out, customer service does not only have an impact on your customers, but also the staff you recruit. So, if you can be a leader who always supports staff and gives them the opportunity to develop, then they can be more motivated to come up with ideas that can improve service quality.


4. Increase brand awareness


The positive experience felt by customers turns out to be an important role in increasing brand awareness of your business. You see, when customers are satisfied, they will certainly recommend your business to people they know. Well, word of mouth promotion is still very effective in making your business known to more people!

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5. Presenting promotions through the referral program


If you want to make potential customers interested in buying, of course you have to do promotions, for example in the form of discounts or direct gifts for customers who make purchases with a certain nominal. However, it turns out that you can also attract potential customers through people who have previously shopped at your place, for example through the referral code program so that your loyal customers can get attractive promos.


6. Simplify business operations


Through customer service, you and your team can also make business operations more effective and efficient. You see, if there are questions given by customers, you and your team have prepared procedures to respond and help customers. Now, to increase business effectiveness, you can also rely on Cashlez Reporting which can record all transactions automatically!


7. Increase revenue from quality customer service


Every decision you make in business will affect revenue. Moreover, financial factors are also one of the benchmarks to determine whether the business strategy carried out by your company or business is successful or not. Now, to increase revenue, it is necessary to provide customer service so that the quality of your service can attract potential customers while keeping customers loyal.


Customers are a priority that greatly influences business success. Hence, the provision of competent customer service will also have a positive impact on the development of your business!

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