Are you insecure about opening your own business because you don’t live in a crowded area like the urban center? Quiet! Occupying a quiet area like the countryside doesn’t mean you can’t create a promising source of income. Because when you can be sensitive to problems in the countryside, you can create business opportunities, and even make the village you live in more familiar to the community. Not only that, businesses also play an important role in increasing rural economic growth while providing employment for the community. To develop business opportunities while contributing to rural communities, first know the following 3 tips!


  1. Find out what the potentials the village has

To build a rural business that is sustainable, you should not determine the type of business only based on trends. You also need to find out what opportunities you can develop and what their potential looks like. This research will help you avoid difficulties because it does not determine the type of business that suits market needs.


When looking at the potentials, you need to consider them in the short, medium and long term. This is very important so that you can keep your business growing. Through this planning, you will be easier to see developments and things that you have done. For example, you see the potential of villages in the field of tourism. Now through this potential, you can explore more opportunities that you can do, such as opening a culinary business, handicrafts, or souvenirs.


  1. Working closely with the community

When just starting to run a business, you really need to understand the potential that exists in the village where you live. But after that, you can involve the community to work together to explore the potential in the village so that the community can get a more prosperous life. In addition, you also need coordination with the surrounding community to take care of business licensing. This is important to ensure that the business you set up does not violate village regulations. For example, if you want to set up a snack shop, you need to make sure that the snack production waste is managed properly. So, there is no society that is harmed by the process of making your product.


  1. It’s time you optimize technology

In addition to finding potential and working with the community, another essential thing that you also must pay attention to is utilizing the advancement of digital technology in business. At present, technological progress is no longer used by certain parties. All business actors, including those who run businesses in rural areas, can also access various features that make it easier for them to manage their businesses. To market products, for example, businesses can now also offer their products through social media so they can reach more customers.


Meanwhile, to receive payments, businesses can trust Cashlez, a business solution today that acts as a  payment gateway . Your customers will later be able to choose their own payment features, from payments using a debit / credit card to digital payments. In fact, you can transact virtually using online card payment features, virtual accounts, or QuickShare.


Running a business in rural areas can basically give you a promising advantage, especially if you can recognize and develop the potential that is owned in the area where you live. Not only that, you can also contribute directly to the community.



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