As an entrepreneur, you certainly want your business to run smoothly and develop for the better. Well, one effective way to do this is to build business networking. Because the wider the network you have, the more opportunities you have. So, let’s find out simple ways to build business networking in the following digital era!

1. Increase contact
A simple step that you can take to build a business network is by increasing contact. These acquaintances you can get through seminars, workshops, and other events that give you the opportunity to increase acquaintances and develop businesses. Even though we are still fighting against Covid-19 Pandemic, you can still follow events on digital platforms. There are various digital-based programs that you can choose according to your interests.

2. Support business partners
When running a business, you can find problems that cannot be solved by yourself. The same thing will be experienced by your business partners. Therefore, you and your business partners can support each other so that you can find solutions to the difficulties you face. Starting from the sales, marketing, and stock management.

3. Is there a sharing session
The skills you have can also be shared with other business partners through sharing sessions. Sharing your knowledge and experience is not in vain! You can get to know people who join the sharing session so that business networking will also be improved. During the New Normal period, you can do this session through social media such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live features that allow you to interact with many people.

4. Be active on social media
In the digital age, social interaction is also often done on online platforms such as social media. Well, you can also use this platform to expand business networks. Try to expand your business network and connect with new people, but have a business background similar to your business. For example, if you run a business in the culinary field, you can connect with other culinary businesses so you can get new insights about the business you are running.

5. Join the community
Opportunities to build a business network will be more open if you can join a community. Through the business community, you can get many opportunities to get to know other business people who run businesses in the same field. In general, a community will hold certain events that allow you to interact with fellow community members. These events can be in the form of seminars, workshops, or discussions on certain topics related to community focus.

6. Show confidence
Although often not realized, a lack of confidence can make you difficult to communicate. This will eventually cause your opportunity to expand your network to be hampered. Therefore, you need to reduce anxiety and anxiety so that you can interact optimally with other people. When you try to get used to getting acquainted with others, you will later be easy to build a sense of comfort when talking with them.

Building networking is an effective way to expand your opportunities to grow your business. Don’t forget to also use the business solution from Cashlez that make it easy for you to accept various payments and record financial transactions automatically!

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