Nadya Jean - Key Account Relationship of Cashlez

Humans are social creatures that need love, acceptance, and belonging. We always depend on each other, even for basic needs such as farmers who produce food and doctors who take care of our health. Thus, when we build strong bonds with others, there will be numerous positive impacts we can obtain. Some of them are emotional support and physical health.


Even though maintaining strong relationships is essential, we can also experience some difficulties, especially when we face life changes such as studying abroad or being settled in another city. To keep ourselves from getting along with others, optimizing technology can be a solution. Nadya Jean, the Key Account Relationship of Cashlez, shared her views about how she uses technology to stay connected with the people she loves and her professional networking.

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Better relationship with parents after marriage


After getting married, Nadya has moved away from her parents’ house so that the frequency to interact directly becomes lower. In addition, she and her husband have to take care of their two little boys. Also, there is a full time job she takes her responsibility for.


Nadya acknowledges these life changes, but she realizes that this physical distance doesn’t determine how much she cares for her mom and dad. Therefore, she strives to make herself available even during the demanding schedule. Information technology becomes her solution to stay in touch with her family members. She uses various media such as text, video call, and social media to keep connected.


All we need is empathy


Indeed, information technology can bring us closer, but it also depends on our willingness to hear the stories from others, understand the problems, and look for the solutions. Technology provides us with various options to create stronger bonding. It can be digital greeting cards, appreciation posts on social media, and many more.


As a key account relationship, Nadya believes that we need empathy to build trust. She usually sends personalized messages to Cashlez Merchants and actively listens to their experiences. By showing empathy, she does not only communicate effectively, but also improves the merchant’s satisfaction.

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Nadya Jean and her Cashlezian buddies

Satisfaction for customer loyalty


In Nadya’s point of view, maintaining is more difficult than achieving. For instance, those who want to implement a healthier lifestyle can choose many options like going to the gym and controlling their calorie intakes. However, when that aim has been reached, it will be more challenging to keep consistent and avoid distractions.


The use of technology can become a great option to maintain good relationships and increase merchants’ loyalty. This is because we can respond instantly using a messaging app and ensure that the customers (merchants) can get helped effectively. Besides, the key account relationship is also able to address the merchants needs.


Building better relationships is not a goal, but instead a process. Although connecting with others might seem like a simple thing, we always have to learn, practice, and try to get better. The more positive relationships we can foster, the better emotional well-being we can have.

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