We all can struggle with insecurity, and this feeling has many forms, such as jealousy in relationships, irritation by others’ acts, and self doubts. An insecure person will not only have negative minds, but also become destructive to him/herself. However, we all are able to overcome our insecurities using our own ways.


Who will expect that our anxiety can be tamed by adapting to our work environment? The Financial Partnership of Cashlez, Novinaz Benita, shared her experience of how her career journey helps her to stay positive. Back then, Opi - what she is usually called, told that she was a bit shy person with little confidence.


She then had started to transform slowly as she worked in the banking industry. “Being employed in the customer service and retention divisions for 4 years taught me a lot. It not only gave me experiences, but also motivated me to focus on self improvement,” said Opi.


In her previous jobs, she learned how to build strong relationships, both with her colleagues and with the customers. To provide excellent service, she also needed to be more confident, especially when Opi had to interact with the customers and start an enjoyable conversation.


The anxiety and negativity within ourselves could also be pushed  away when we face challenges. Opi, who had become a customer service, relationship officer, and relationship manager, overcame her insecurities by getting to know how to handle customers’ anger, providing solutions, and negotiating with the others.


The Cashlezian who has joined Cashlez since a year ago emphasized the importance of having a willingness to grow. As we know, insecurity can appear any time, including when we feel unsatisfied of our achievement. This situation made Opi decide to become the Financial Partnership team in Cashlez, hoping that she can make better contributions.


In the fintech industry, Opi’s former experiences support her daily tasks, but she also gains new insights from the financial partnership division. She practices how to get into more deep negotiations, as she represents the company. So instead of just considering her own concerns, Opi should communicate with the whole Cashlez team. 


When collaborating with Cashlez partners, Opi & the other financial partnership team members should understand how the workflow is if we are going to make a product. This  also needs consideration from every aspect, such as operations, marketing, finance, and technical. They also should analyze whether the product brings values to both parties or not.


Opi believes that to build a social relationship with partners, we should lower down our ego. This will make us able to hear the opinions from our partner and the internal team. Then, it will be easier to be helpful and coordinate with them. 


While some people think that it is rare to build a friendship in a professional environment, Opi thinks that becoming friends with our colleagues is crucial, especially when we spend most of our time in the office. Therefore, it is important to socialize with your team and enjoy the break time together.


All of us might struggle with insecurities, but there are always ways to combat them. Because no matter what challenges we face, we should remind ourselves to keep being happy!

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