Tomorrow, we will celebrate Kartini Day which will be a reminder for all Indonesian women to empower themselves. Raden Adjeng Kartini (R. A. Kartini) is a prominent Indonesian activist who strived for women’s emancipation. Kartini’s thoughts and concerns about the society had been expressed in the letters she sent to her friends in the Netherlands. 


There are plenty of ways we can continue to keep Kartini’s spirit of advocating for female rights. One of them is by building self confidence in ourselves as it is the main key for achieving our goals. Our Sales Support at Bali Branch, Ismawati Dewi, shared her story of how putting trust in herself allows her to achieve her goals and give more contributions for others.

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Take your time to adapt to new surroundings


Have you ever been in a situation where everything’s new for you and you don’t have any experiences related to it? Ismawati did. Joining the Cashlez Team in June 2021, the Cashlezian who is usually called Isma said that she previously worked in the telecommunication industry, particularly in the installation of the tower and internet network service maintenance. So, there was no basic knowledge of the financial industry, especially payment gateway service.


However, having zero experience doesn’t mean that we don’t have any chance to hit the road. In contrast, it opens new opportunities for us to explore and unlock our potential. Gradually, Isma learns about Cashlez products and services and helps business owners in Bali provide a reliable payment solution for their customers which also make their business management processes more efficient.


Confidence doesn’t always mean showing yourself up


Confidence itself actually has a broad meaning. Just because we are eager to stand among the public, doesn’t mean that we already have confidence in ourselves. Confident people have trust in their abilities and judgements. Besides, they are also willing to evaluate themselves for their future successes. Even though they know that there will always be challenges, they don’t hesitate to keep moving.


For Isma, it is also necessary to make sure that we can manage the confidence we build in ourselves. When we are lacking confidence, we will become insecure which can hamper us pursuing our dreams. The same goes for having overconfidence which leads to narcissism. 

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Build Confidence in Yourself as R.A. Kartini in This Era


As the only one Cashlezian in Bali, Isma recognizes that even though her skills are able to enhance business performance in Bali, she can’t be the single fighter in this adventure. Support from the whole Cashlezians helps her provide the best service for Cashlez Merchants in Bali. This is why openness and communication, as parts of self confidence, are required. 


Usually, Isma liaises with the risk team to process the merchant registrations while the business development team in the east area helps in getting new potential merchants. She also works with the Marketing Team in providing branding support or special requests from merchants. 


Isma’s story shows us how having trust in ourselves affects us significantly. We can do anything as long as we are willing to achieve it. Here is Isma’s message for all women:


“If you want it, you can achieve it.”

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