The spread of the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia caused the government ask people to limit physical contact. Daily activities such as work, study, and worship are recommended to be done out in their homes. The limitation of physical contact, aka physical distancing, has a significant impact on many parties, one of which is business. Not a few business actors, ranging from the MSME level to the enterprise level which revealed a decline in sales over the past few weeks. However, as a business actor, you certainly cannot give up. Because in the midst of the spread of Corona Virus, there are also promising business alternatives that you can try, see the explanation below!
1. Online Shop
Before the emergence of the Covid-19 case in Indonesia, online business had indeed become one of the solutions because of the convenience of customers to shop without being limited by distance and time. Likewise with you as a business actor. Even though you have to limit shop hours because of physical distancing, you can still offer your products through online stores. For payment problems, you can use the Cashlez Link feature in the Cashlez App so your customers can pay through their credit / debit cards conveniently and safely.
2. Instant Food
To break the chain of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, many people choose to remain at home, unless there is an urgent need. This situation certainly makes them difficult to shop and meet their daily needs. Therefore, this is your chance to offer a variety of durable foods so that they can have food supplies without the need to travel outside the home. Some examples of foods that you can sell are instant noodles, canned foods, and also some drinks such as mineral water and powder drinks.
3. Traditional herbs
As we know, since its appearance at the end of December 2019 in Wuhan, China, until now there has been no vaccine that can ward off Covid-19. However, prevention can be done by maintaining stamina so that we do not get sick easily. Indonesian traditional herbs can be a great option to keep our bodies fit. So if you can process it into drinks, this business opportunity is worth trying. Some examples of famous herbs that can maintain stamina are kencur, temulawak, ginger, and cinnamon.
4. Various Health and Disinfectant Products
Besides offering a variety of drinks made from spices, you can also offer a variety of health products such as honey and multivitamins. At present, there is a huge market demand for health products. In fact, many customers find it difficult to find certain vitamins. Likewise with various disinfectant products that can be used to clean various surfaces of objects that are often touched. The presence of health product sellers and disinfectant liquids certainly greatly helps the community to maintain health and hygiene.
5. Hats and masks
It is undeniable that currently the community does not only need a variety of health and hygiene products, but also personal protection in the form of caps and masks. When traveling outside, these two items become the equipment that must be worn to protect yourself from the risk of exposure to the virus. Well, if you have sewing skills or a business in the textile sectore, don’t hesitate to try this one!
Although the Covid-19 pandemic presents challenges to various business people, you cannot give up easily. There are various opportunities that you should not miss, including in this current difficult situation.

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