Building a business certainly teaches you to enjoy many processes, one of which is the process of understanding customer tendencies. Because before you can successfully sell a product, of course you must first introduce the product. Only then can you convince customers to buy it.


Basically, every customer has different preferences about what, when, and why they buy a product. Therefore, you must understand what factors can influence customer decisions. Let’s consider the following 7 factors to find out what things affect customers in shopping.


1. Transparency

Over the past few years, customers have tended to look for businesses that demonstrate transparency. Therefore, make sure you are always open to your customers. In addition, customers also tend to support businesses or companies that are in accordance with the values and principles they believe in. So, make sure you always maintain communication so that it can increase customer trust.


2. Can be purchased online

As we know, the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors. Due to limited mobility, the trend of online shopping has also increased. In fact, this trend is predicted to persist even though there has been leeway during the pandemic. You see, buyers can find it easy to choose and order products, especially sellers can also provide online transaction features from Cashlez.


3. Shopping convenience

The number of businesses that are turning online, of course, not only provides new opportunities, but also presents challenges. You see, business actors must ensure that customers remain comfortable shopping online. Eating from it, make sure the customer only provides the information needed to transact.


4. Businesses that support the environment

You must have often heard the term green business. Yup, this business concept is not just a trend, but has also become a consideration for many customers to shop. When you can show that the brand you founded is doing environmentally friendly activities, then you can also attract the attention of many customers

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5. Build brand loyalty

If you want to convince customers, then you need to be consistent. In this case, focus on building brand loyalty or brand loyalty, which is a factor that determines whether customers will shop again or not. There are various things you can do, from posting customer reviews, giving appreciation in the form of gifts to customers, and using social media to interact.


6. Product features

Of course, potential customers will look for products that they consider exclusive. Therefore, you also need to understand, what are the features of your product compared to competitors. For example, if you sell typical Nusantara menus, you offer a special menu in the form of various chicken-processed menu creations from various regions.


7. References from other parties

To be more confident in buying products, your customers don’t just need exposure about the specifications of the products they are interested in. Reviews from other parties are also an important factor. However, of course these reviews must come from people they trust, such as those closest to them or people who are experts on the product you are selling. For example, you sell clothes and there are content creators in fashion who also review your products.


Generating sales does require a lot of effort. That’s why you have to be creative so you can convince customers!

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