Are you one of those people who often feel nervous when they have to speak in public? Perhaps, this nervousness also often makes you afraid and wants the public speaking session to end soon. Of course, it’s natural to have fears, but you have to keep trying to overcome them.

Moreover, as a business actor you must have good communication skills to convey ideas, experiences, and influence on partners and customers. So, what are the reasons why you need to practice your public speaking skills? Check out the explanation below!


1. Give inspiration to others

Through public speaking skills, you can inspire others. Thus, you will be able to maintain a relationship with the audience. Meanwhile, when you can inspire customers and business partners, you can also have a positive influence on company culture.


2. Build self-confidence

A person who practices public speaking will build his confidence. Maybe, as a businessman, you already have your own team that focuses on the public relations department. However, you shouldn’t shy away from appearing in public. Instead, use every opportunity to expand your network and promote your business. Who knows, there may be an opportunity that will lead you to new opportunities for your business.


3. Practice leadership skills

Did you know that your ability to speak in public is basically influenced by your willingness to be an effective listener? To deliver a good presentation, you must understand the questions from the audience as well as the solutions they want to get. In addition, this ability to listen will later support you to become a good leader.


4. Improve critical thinking skills

The habit of public speaking will train you to think critically. You see, before presenting, you have to do research first as well as analyze the information you get based on the point of view of the audience. On the other hand, this critical thinking ability will help you to increase sales results while also seeing potential when negotiating.


5. Conduct soft selling

Well, as a business actor, public speaking is also an important influence so that you can do soft selling. So, even though you can’t make sales directly during a presentation, you can still convince the audience of the expertise and solutions you present. Moreover, the strategy to sell directly is not always suitable for every situation. Through public speaking, you will learn to become a reliable salesperson.


6. Develop the skill to convince others

The most important task to do when speaking in public is to convince the audience that you are an expert in your field of business. In addition, the ability to convince others is also important when you are pitching to clients, responding to input from team members, and so on.


The ability to communicate in public is very important, especially for business actors. So, make sure to always practice overcoming your worries and start public speaking. Because compared to fear, the benefits of public speaking are even greater, right? So, let’s start practicing being a public speaker using topics that you are familiar with!

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