What strategies should business owners do to increase their business revenue? One effective way is through a loyalty program, which is a marketing strategy to keep customers loyal and come back to shop at your store. Of course, there are various types of loyalty programs that we can find in the digital era, but of course, each program will certainly be made based on market trends and customer trends. So, so that the loyalty program that you set can run effectively, make sure to follow the following ways!


1. Offer a unique gift


On several occasions, you may have seen customer loyalty programs that offer free goods to customers. Usually, the prize is given after the customer makes a cashless transaction in a certain amount. However, free stuff is actually not an effective way to increase customer loyalty. Instead, you should focus on presenting gifts that can increase customer satisfaction and shopping experience.

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2. Thanking visitors and customers


Who says customer loyalty programs can only be done through offers? You can also start from simple things, such as thanking visitors who interact in your store or business social media or customers who make purchases. Expressions of gratitude that you give can make visitors and customers feel appreciated.


3. Listening to customer opinions


What’s the best way to deliver the right loyalty program? Of course, you have to create the program based on customer feedback. At first, your business brand must first listen to what customers think. Their loyalty will increase once you listen and implement what they suggest.

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4. Focus on the customer, not the competition


Competition in business is natural. However, don’t let this distract you from building a customer loyalty program. Remember, not everything your competitors do can produce effective results. You have to really focus on your customers through built interactions.


5. Do it consistently


Do you know what strategies well-known franchise business owners use to develop their businesses? Of course, the answer is consistency. Regardless of the location, the business will always be sought after by their customers.


6. Build interaction with customers


In addition to presenting quality products, professional customer service also has an effect on customer loyalty. Conversely, when customers are not satisfied with the services available, it is likely that customers will switch to other brands. Keep in mind that good interactions with customers are also proof that you are committed to giving appreciation to them.


7. Make it easy to redeem points


As we know, the points program is one strategy to increase customer loyalty. So, for this program to run effectively, you need to simplify the way to make redemptions. For example, customers can redeem points for a variety of options, from gifts to discounts.


8. Communicating on social media


If you want to be closer to your customers, then you can use social media. Through this platform, start sharing product photos and testimonials so that shoppers can share their shopping experience there too.


There are various strategies that business owners can use to develop their business, one of which is through a loyalty program that makes customers return to shopping. And for customer loyalty programs to work effectively, you have to be creative. Make sure the loyalty program you offer is not only beneficial for the business, but also for the customer.

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