Most of us would have thought of a plan to open your own business. However, what happens if we don’t dare to realize the plan because we are still hesitant to compete in the business world? Basically, business is never free from competition. Therefore, we must familiarize ourselves with resilience and adjust our efforts to market demand. Now, since now we have entered the digital era, many business opportunities now rely on the internet. Here are some current business opportunities that we can run in the digital age.
1. Online courses
Anyone would need expertise to support career development. To get an expertise, one way is to do a course. When the development of information technology is not as fast as now, maybe course services must be sought manually. But today, we can teach foreign languages, graphic design, to singing skills online because there are many platforms on the internet that allow us to communicate with course participants.
2. Become an influencer
This business opportunity has only become famous in recent years. Even so, many people are interested in doing so. At first glance, being an influencer does look easy, but actually, you need maximum effort to make you known. Well, once it has begun to be known, the opportunity to make a profit you can get easily, for example by promoting products from other businesses.
3. Website creation services
Blogs and websites are the media needed today. In Indonesia too, the potential for marketing products through blogs and websites is huge. Not surprisingly, many people need the services of making these two platforms. Therefore, if you have the expertise to make both, do not hesitate to help others optimize their product sales.
4. Content Creator
Despite being a type of business that has long been developing in Indonesia, the business potential to become creator content is expected to continue to increase. So, you who have a passion in this line of business should deepen your existing knowledge, for example by learning online marketing tools, starting from Facebook Ads, SEO, and Google Adwords in order to support business performance.
Customer trends will always change, especially with the influence of rapid technological developments. Therefore, we must maximize the skills and knowledge we have.


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