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One of the most important factors to consider when opening a business is to choose a type of business that is in great demand by customers or a timeless business. Well, one type of business that is never lonely is laundry services. Through this service, customers’ dirty clothes will be washed and ironed so that they become neat and clean.


Of course, to thrive in the digital era, business actors cannot rely on just one strategy, for example, simply choosing a popular business. There are also other strategies that you must implement, such as adapting business services to the needs of today’s society. For more details, let’s learn from LaundryKlin!


So, this Cashlez merchant is a retail business that focuses on laundry services in Indonesia and uses the O2O concept, aka offline to online. Through this system, customers can easily access laundry services through the KliknKlin application. Moreover, customers can also get interesting promos on the KliknKlin App.


In addition, customers can also place orders via WhatsApp. The method is similar to ordering through the App. Be sure to select the type of service required along with the order details. After that, confirm the time, address, and date of the order. Then, the customer just waits until the courier arrives at the destination address.


Through an online interview with Mr. Nirwan as VP Operations LaundryKlin, Mr. Nirwan said that currently, there are more than 140 LaundryKlin branches spread across 35 cities in Indonesia. In addition, he also explained that the laundry business is one of the anti-recession and sustainable businesses that can contribute in the long term.


Of course, the expansion carried out by LaundryKlin is also supported by the consistency of the entire LaundryKlin team to improve services, including during restrictions on community activities caused by the pandemic. Some examples of these service innovations are the availability of shuttle services and non-cash payment options to reduce direct contact during transactions.


Therefore, to break the chain of spread of the Covid-19 virus, LaundryKlin also entrusts the Cashlez Payment Gateway as a non-cash payment solution to accept transactions via QR Payment, debit cards, and Virtual Accounts. In addition to making it easier for customers, this payment solution from Cashlez also makes it easier for merchants to monitor transactions anytime and anywhere!


So, are you also interested in running a timeless business? Also, make sure to always adapt your services and products to the customer’s inclinations!

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